Wednesday, May 6, 2009

House Hunters

So the big news here is....We FINALLY sold the Tulsa house!!!!! Now we are searching for a great house here in PDX. If any of my Portlanders know of a great house for sale in SW PDX feel free to let me know. In the meantime I have been checking out a few houses myself. Some have been some real winners too....wah wah WAH!!!

I'll tell you about the bad houses because those are the most fun to dish about.

Bad House 1: ...You know you're in the dog house when....the realtor opens the door and...Whoosh! You are almost knocked down on your heinie by the scent of multiple dogs. The house was empty but the owners must have had at least 15 dogs in the house from how strong the smell was :P I think I spent less than 5 minutes in this one deciding to leave when Miss B opened a closet door and said "I think I smell a Poodle." :)

Bad House 2: Not so updated. This one had a weird flow to it with the master bedroom being upstairs and all of the other bedrooms downstairs. I know it is the over-protective mother in me coming out but I prefer B's room to be on the same floor mine is. I want to be able to catch her sneaking out when she is a teenager and trying to run wild. (I don't think the girl will turn out like that BUT just in case I am gonna be ready!) It said it was updated but the carpet screamed 70s to me.

Tonight we are on the hunt again. Here is hoping I come upon a fab find and if I don't I'll be sure to tell you about all the turkeys we end up looking at.