Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Still Kickin'

I'm still here everyone. Work has kept me busy during the days and yet another silly cold has kept me grumpy at nights.

Last night I squeezed a work-out in while I had some cold meds going on. I swear, I felt so much better just being in the gym. (OMG! Could exercise be the best medicine?) Maybe not when your sick because I just coughed on cue as if to answer my own question.

I've gotta run. Time to tame the ugly little lion queen mane that is sitting atop my head so I don't scare all of the peeps at Computer Co.

I'll be watching AI tonight and I promise an update will be coming your way. AND don't forget what what tomorrow is.....you WON'T want to miss it :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Remember When Wednesday

On my way into the office this morning, my eyes were temporarily blinded and my memory was in need of a good bleach scrubbing to erase some major construction crack! Ewwww!!! Seeing this atrocious site made me think of how guys in the 90s and sadly some today would sport the baggy pants belted half-way down their bums with their boxer clad booties hanging out the other half. Serious Blech :p Well this guy must have forgotten the whole boxers are a must to complete this gangsta wannabe look or else the world would end up eyeing your goods and crying in agony about it later! (like me: Aahhhh! My eyes! My eyes!!!)

Remember When: For me it was high school when all of those boys thought they were da bomb if they wore their pants 5 sizes too big and halfway down their rears. I was not a fan of this look then and I still can't stand it now when some random guy walks by with those draggy drawers. How in the world were so many girls lovin' this look and thus convincing so many confused high school boys to keep steppin' it up a notch??? Remember how they had to belt these baggy pants with the extra long braided belt?

I think the best critique of the gangsta wannabe baggy pants look was straight from a 90s movie.
I mean, come on, it looks like they just fell out of bed and put on some baggy pants and take their greasy hair - ew - and cover it up with a backwards cap and we're supposed to swoon? I don't think so! -Cher/Clueless

Monday, March 23, 2009

Where's Mah Coffee?

OMG! My brain is just NOT working today! I think it is on Man-Mode. A friend just asked when the Mr's birthday and our anniversary was and I had to ask the Mr to confirm the dates I had in my head. You do not even realize how hard this was for me to bring myself to ask the Mr for help on dates I should know. Of course, he reveled in the glory of my forgetfulness with a smirk that told me I just gave him a get out of jail free pass for forgetting a date. Ugh! I hate it when that happens!!! I think the reason for my forgetting the dates is I only have one date in my head right now and that is..... April 1st, my ONE YEAR Blogiversary. I am planning on doing multiple give aways in celebration of this momentous day. I just can't decide whether I want to do it in just one day or spread the give aways out over the course of a few days. Oh, I need a cool button but haven't figured out how to make that happen yet. What do you think?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Graceful Exit

Well color me with pink highlight surprise because I sure was surprised to see Miss Alexis Grace sent packing last night. In hindsight I know I shouldn't have been that shocked she was given the boot since her performance of Jolene was so forgettable I even neglected to mention it in my AI Round-up. I knew she was not going to get the possible save when Simon called her Allison...Oops! She stayed quite poised when the judges announced their decision to not "save" her after they asked her to sing for her life. (The Mr thinks it is stupid of AI to ask the contestants to try to get saved by singing the same song the people think wasn't good enough to keep them around. I think I might agree with him here.)

The big shocker of the night was when Carrie Underwood took the stage. I am sure you might have had thoughts or conversations similar to the one Miss B and I had.

Me: Oh My Gosh! What happened to Carrie's hair?!?!

B: Looks like somebody tied it up and stuck a bug in it.

Me: Oh, No. She got her hair cut.

B: Yeah, very badly.

Although I have never been big on the Barbie hair Carrie usually tends to wear I dislike the Suburban Soccer Mom hairdon't on her much more. Thank goodness for hair extensions! :)

What are your thoughts on last night's results?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol Round-Up

YeeHaw!!! It was Country Week y'all on good ole AI. Now as always I will tell you my faves (+1s) and the ones I'd rather forget (-1s).

+1 Megan Joy - I really have not liked this girl the entire season and have been hoping she gets the boot every time I see her do that weird jerky move she always makes. Now with that being said I am betting you are wondering why I stuck her in my +1 column. Here is my reason: Patsy Cline done different. OMG how I love me some Patsy Cline and Miss Megan reminded me of this. I even kind of liked her version of Walking After Midnight. She sounded very jazzy and reminiscent of Diana Krall for me.

+1 Allison Iraheta - Wow! This girl is really growing on me. I don't know what it is about her but the more I hear her sing the more I like her. So keep singing Allison, I want to hear more. (I do NOT get why everyone seems so surprised at the maturity in her voice. Did everyone else miss the clip showing how the girl has been singing since she was like 8-ish???)

+1 Anoop - Originally, I loved Anoop for his Dorky Boy charm but his performance last night was AWESOME!!!! That boy can sing! I could listen to Anoop sing his version of Always On My Mind over and over and over and over and over and over .....

-1 Scott MacIntyre - I really do like this guy and I agree with Simon on keeping him behind the piano but I was disappointed in his song choice. One can listen to so many inspirational ballad like songs before one is tempted to either ff or change the channel. If he sticks around I would love to hear him sing/play something more upbeat & lively.

-1 Adam Lambert - Am I the ONLY AI watcher who can't stand this guy??? I just don't like him. He looks like somebody put Pete Wentz & Joe Jonas in a blender. He sounds like he is trying to sing like Freddie Mercury half of the time and I have no clue the other half. I think it was a mistake to do that to a Johnny Cash song. Too bad everyone else seems to love this guy and he will coast through despite it all.

-1 Michael Sarver - The song he chose did not really showcase that much vocal range. It did show me that he might be in the competition to be America's Next Super Fast Singer. (and if he could talk as fast as he sung that song he could probably be the next micro machine guy) He is a nice guy but I think it is goodbye for our Oil Rig Roughneck :(

Judging the Judges

Enough all ready with the over the top dramatic judge entrance. I really hate this crazy, long, boring opening. The only thing that could possibly make this good with me is if somebody tripped on the way to the table. (I don't want to see anything hurt but some pride here.)

Simon - Had me rolling with laughter in his refusal to call Lil "Lil" but instead referred to her as Little. I get the feeling if he calls her Little one more time she might just punch him out.

Kara - Good lordy be! This girl was 2 shoulder pads away from some Dynasty get-up!

So who did you love/hate last night?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weird Dreams & Workouts

I have been having some of the worst dreams lately. Not bad/scary dreams but definitely NOT enjoyable ones. Most of these strange dreams have included: people coming to visit/stay at my house, more snow and people dying. I knew I shouldn't have watched that 2 hour long show about the Plague on the History channel but I just couldn't change the channel. Now I think I am suffering the consequences of watching that awful show. I am hoping to chase away those crazy dreams with some American Idol tonight or at the very least morph the current bad dreams into something including music.

Last night I went with ScrappyGirl to the gym. I thought I would change it up a little and ride the bike. Okay so the guy already running on the treadmill made up my mind for me but Wow Wow Wubbzy did I work out my legs. I forgot how different it is riding the bikes and for awhile I have kinda looked down my snooty little nose at the stationary bike lovers. I have learned my lesson. After cranking up the resistance to an unbelievable level and pedaling my heart out (while huffing & puffing like a geriatric wolf) I must give out some props to the bike riders!!! These peeps must have some legs of steel (unlike mine that felt sorta like spaghetti noodles trying to wobble up some stairs). I am headed back to the gym Wednesday night for round 2 or maybe I will just take on the elliptical instead. Who knows?

***Holla at all the Leprechauns out there!! Happy St. Patrick's!!!***

Friday, March 13, 2009

Power of the Purse & a Craftastic Saturday

I went with ScrappyGirl last night to a charity event for Girls Inc called Power of the Purse. This was so much fun. We ran around in fake pearls and ogled pretty purses and bags I could only dream of owning. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement but the food was tiny with the exception of the dessert which was my demise. This morning I awoke feeling as if I had been drawn & quartered, magically had my limbs attached and then been drug through the mud. After a short morning chat with ScrappyGirl we came to the conclusion that it was the dessert that killed me. (She is feeling fine and dandy.) Word to the wise...avoid the chocolate mousse cake with extra chocolate icing or else you will suffer the morning after death by dessert feeling I have. I rustled up some dirt flavored coffee to try to perk myself up but could only suffer through half of the tiny Styrofoam cup before dumping it down the drain. I am hoping my veggie-fide lunch can bring me back to the land of the living :)

I thought this purse was so cute. It wasn't in the auction but I thought it was crazy cool that the designer, Jayne Dearborn, has had some of her bags featured on Ugly Betty.

ScrappyGirl fell hard for this bag and despite my crappy camera skills you can see why. That rich brown leather was so lush and I found the design to be absolutely amazing.

When I noticed this beauty I thanked my lucky stars Miss B stayed home with the Mr. The girl would have bid on this purse with every bit of what is in the bank....and then some.

Finally here is the purse I dreamed of taking home with me. I think it was made from lambskin. I touched the pretty pink purse and I swear it was like buttah. I wanted this sooo bad and I just watched it float away on a cloud to the winning bidder.

Shoshana Bean singing a Wicked song. She has appeared on Broadway in Hairspray and Wicked. Loved, Loved, LOVED this part of the evening!

****Tomorrow ScrappyGirl will be hosting a Mom & Me crafting event and has room for more. For any of you local Moms interested it will be: this Saturday from 2-5pm and cost is $12 per family or $8 if you come w/o kiddos in tow. Click HERE to see her site and let her know if you are interested in coming. I will be there with Miss B!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blending In With the Rest of Them

Yep. It was me today walking in downtown Portland today carrying:
2 purses
1 backpack
1 extra set of clothes
1 plastic bag with stuff in it
And talking to myself about how I looked like a bag lady.

So there you go. I was the crazy lady walking down the street, carrying a ton of crud, and yelling at no one in particular.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend WhazZup?!

It is so NOT fun to term my talking about my weekends as updates so I have decided to name my weekend update posts as "Weekend WhazZup?!" and because I think of my WhazZups in bits and pieces I will probably break things up into list format.

Some Terms that might help you:
Rew - Rewind
FF - Fast Forward

  • Rew: To start my wacky weekend off, I jankied up my leg. I was going upstairs and wow, wow, wow the Pain. My achilles tendon and the heel of my foot were hurting like mad. For the rest of the weekend I wore an ankle brace and hobbled around like I was in desperate need of a cane. FF: We all had to dress up in the office here at Computer Co today and crazy Kally thought it would be okay to wear heels. I wasn't all crazy I brought a pair of flats just in case.

  • Rew: We took Miss B to a birthday party. My word! This was one of the strangest tween parties I have ever attended. The girls ran around the house, screaming at the top of their lungs while one of them chased the others with a Teletubby. During cake time there was a rousing discussion on how much they hated the Jonas Brothers. Followed by more screams. (I had to agree with the tweens here. I think there should be a law against boys owning a flat iron and skinny jeans.) Then the party became a tween girl hatefest. They all "hated" Jo Bros, Twilight, Hanah Montana's new hair, and many other Disney Tween things.

  • Rew: Wacky Weather: Now you can't have a proper wacky weekend without involving the weather. Yesterday we had a rain cloud over our house. (I am not speaking figuratively here either.) The rain was falling right outside my house and once I was 2 houses away the sun was out and shining bright enough for shades. About 30 minutes later I noticed little pieces of sleet beginning to fall. Then in no time at all we had full blown hail falling from the sky. This was not Oklahoma type hail, this hail was much smaller but it covered the ground like a layer of snow/ice/whatever. FF: This morning we had snow. It didn't stick but a ton of snow fell. Then the sun came out. This pattern repeated twice. If I didn't know better, I'd swear I was back in Oklahoma with all of this indecisive weather.

    ***I guess I'll end with a B-ism.
    When we had our guests over for dinner last week, the Mr thought he could be funny and get her to say something cute so he said "Miss B, what is it we say? If mama isn't happy...."
    (of course, the girl never acts upon command)
    B: (wild, crazed, scared look across her face) HIDE!!!!!

    Once again, thanks a lot B.

  • Friday, March 6, 2009

    Mmmm Cake and More

    Dinner last night went off great!!! I did have to make an adjustment/shortcut to my applesauce cake because of time constraints. -I didn't get to do it from scratch so I went the sorta home made route. (I just don't get how Rachel Ray can do a dish in just 30 mins. Am I doing something wrong here? It took me a little over an hour to get my food finished.) For those of you interested in a Super Duper Easy way to make an applesauce cake when you have a limited amount of time, here you go.

    1 & 1/2 cups of applesauce
    1 box of white cake mix

    *Don't follow the directions on the cake mix box. All you have to do is mix the above 2 ingredients together. Non-stick spray your pan and throw it in the oven @ 350 degrees for 30-40 mins. (I left my cake in for 35mins.) And Ta-Da!!! You have a cake.

    ***For a topping I made a glaze. Of course, the Mr complained because he thinks all cakes are supposed to have icing on them. This cake is so versatile you could do just about anything with it: top it with sugared strawberries or any fruit of your choice for that matter. I think the next time I do this cake I am going to put some dried apple slices in the batter, then top it with a fruit and serve ice cream on the side. Does that sound yummy or what?!?!

    This weekend I am taking Miss B to the mall and then a B-day party. I have been asked to bake something for some business peeps coming to Computer Co next week. Any suggestions??

    Thursday, March 5, 2009

    Watching AI on My Terms

    I am an American Idol cheater. After the tremendously awful episode last week I was extremely wary of what was to come this week. So what did I do? I recorded Tuesday's show on my DVR and watched it the Kally way (Hmmmm, this guy is boring. Thank goodness I have fast forward!!!) I ended up ff-ing through about half of the contestants and since I didn't really feel a connection with any of them I wasn't worried about missing last night's results show. I still wanted to know who would make it through because I really liked Scott and a few others. Then I got smart and realized I am in PST and AI has to air for other time zones before mine sooooooo I went on the Internet and googled AI results and -badda BING-o!- I knew who was getting through and wild card contestants without having to endure all of the Seacrest drama: "And the person going through to the Top 12 will be.....announced after this..." -It was so nice not to have that going on and to top it off I gained an extra hour to do whatever I wanted. w00t!

    Tonight I am having friends over for dinner. I am cooking the Mr's favorite pasta dish/casserole, a side, and an applesauce cake. I have to make dinner magically happen in about an hour so let's keep our fingers crossed that everything turns out and I don't have to cook the man way......ordering pizza :)

    ETA: I must give Props & Snaps where deserved. When I commented on cooking "the man way" I did not take into consideration the above awesome cooking style of Mr E of the E Family. His cooking creations are fabulous! I even dream about his Mexican dishes some nights :)

    Tuesday, March 3, 2009

    OMG! in a Cup

    At your average office happy hour means drinks. At Computer Co it means ICE CREAM baby (Ben & Jerry's to be specific)!!! Imagine my disappointment as the boys gathered to run out of the office in their normal hungry heard style and I knew I had to stay in and finish work tasks. Thank all that is good and ice-creamy that the Mr went along on this run and brought back....wait for it.......Triple Caramel Chunk ice cream!!!! This was the most fantabulous of all ice creams: a creamy vanilla base with streams of caramel running through it and the best part of all was the chocolate chunks with caramel filling. Ahhhhh paradise. Don't worry about the cals. You could be eating something much worse for you that doesn't taste half as good. Go ahead go for it!

    Monday, March 2, 2009

    My Dad

    So when I told y'all about the Saturn Bootie Bump, I totally forgot to tell you about what my dad said when I called him and told him all about it.

    First off you need some background on Dad. He is a total hypochondriac, over protective, over reactive. I lovingly think of him as the Drama King at times.

    He called me late Friday night while I was running on my treadmill. The Mr took a message and forgot to tell me until Saturday night. Bad Daughter that I am I forgot and didn't call until Sunday afternoon.

    Here are some snippets from our conversation:

    Kally: Sorry Dad. Forgot to call yesterday because we were running errands and got rear ended by some Bungalow Joe in a blue mustang.

    Dad: What?!?!!!! Iseveryoneokay?!!!! HowisMissB?!!!!! (He seriously talks like that when he is worried. It sounds like one big sentence word.)

    Kally: She is fine. We all are fine. Car is okay. Don't worry.

    Dad: Are you sure? Maybe you should go to the hospital. You know, that is why I called you. I just had a bad feeling. You know? Like something happened and I should call you.

    Kally: Oh mah gosh, Dad. Nobody needs to go to the hospital. We are fine and Nothing happened Friday night. We had the accident late Saturday afternoon.

    Dad: Yeah, well it was a feeling. I was tuned in..... Like a premonition. Well, what was that guy doing anyway that he hit your car???

    Kally: I don't know but he obviously was NOT paying attention.

    Dad: He was probably worrying about his girlfriend instead.

    I love my Dad.

    Weekend Happenings

    I just thought I was going to have an uneventful weekend. I should know by now any time I announce how things are going to be 9 times out of 10 the complete opposite happens.

    Saturday morning the Mr informed me of his desire to take B hiking Sunday afternoon. (They are outside people like that. You know the whole camping, sleeping on the rocks and roughing it stuff kind of peeps.) We all hopped in the car and after a quick lunch at DQ we headed to the nearest sporting goods/outdoors store. While we were stopped for a pedestrian to cross the entrance to the parking lot ***WHAMO*** some guy in a blue mustang rear ended us. (This was NOT the excitement I was hoping for.) --Thank goodness we were all okay and the rear bumper of our little silver Saturn only has a few tiny blue scrapes and scratches. When the mustang whomped our car bootie, the first thing the Mr & I did was ask Miss B if she was okay. Her reply to us was simple: "I'm okay but I think the dilly bar I ate was shaken up all over my stomach."

    Sunday it rained. No hiking happened so B and I went ahead with the bread pudding. This was my first try at bread pudding and I didn't really like this recipe. It ended up tasting more like a souffle and not as dense as I usually prefer. The sauce that was to be drizzled over the top was fantastic though. The Mr said it smelled and tasted like french toast to him. In case you are interested in a yummy sweet sauce to drizzle over a cake, bread pudding or anything here is the recipe.

    1 cup corn syrup
    1 cup brown sugar
    1/2 cup milk
    1/4 cup flour
    1/4 tsp. salt
    1/4 cup butter

    Combine all ingredients (except butter) in a medium saucepan. Cook, medium heat. Once sauce is thinned add butter. Stir continuously until butter is melted. Drizzle over your favorite pastry/baked good.