Friday, May 30, 2008

A Sad Day, Day 1

Today was my last day at the job I have been working at for seven years. The two people who were my supervisors and I have grown so close to in the past seven years are more like family. I had continued to try not to think about leaving them and busied myself with day to day work tasks. Today I was unable to do this. They gave me a card wishing me well on the adventures to come: new workplace and new home in a new state. I couldn't hold back any further. I cried. Then I got back to work and finished training the new girl. I just got home a little while ago and I really broke down. I will miss these people very much. They were not just co-workers. They are and always will be my friends, confidants, and most of all family. I love them so.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What the Heck am I Thinking?

Miss B is out of town visiting her grams and I am child free. Either I really miss her or I am just a sucker for punishment because I have been lounging on the couch watching Jon and Kate plus 8. This is a "reality" show with 8 screaming children. What in the world am I thinking??? I could be watching a movie I wouldn't normally watch when she is around but NO I have been watching an hour's worth of temper tantrums, whining and hitting. Help!!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Neglecting the Blog

Poor little Bloggity blog blog. I have been unjustly ignoring you for the last week. Let it be known, from here on out, I will do my best to post at least 3 times a week.

So here are last week's updates:

Wednesday: MIL came to town to get Miss B for their annual summer visit that usually lasts a week or two. After school Miss B talked her Grams into a trip to the mall for Chinese and window shopping. They met me at my work so we could change for Miss B's school graduation. All seemed to be going well until we reached the school parking lot. Miss B jumped out of the car and proceeded to urp all over the lot. Afterwards, she said she was better but a quick decline in her well being reinforced my thoughts that we should call it a night and skip the grad. B was sad at first but once she noticed a parent was recording it she asked for a copy and all was well. The poor girl was soooooo sick she urped from my living room to the laundry room which was not fun at all for me to clean up. (3 rooms of nastiness)

Thursday: Poor Miss B missed the last day of school but she plans on getting all of her friend's phone numbers so she can call them. By the end of the day she was doing fine and playing Monopoly. This evening Mr C and I went shopping to find a dress for me for a co-workers wedding on Saturday. Mr C picked out the dress and it was so cute and looked really good on. I will post a pic of it soon.

****Speaking of pics....we finally did it. We are now the proud owners of a digital camera and have quit using the antique of a camera I once toted around. I am thinking of passing it down to B.

Friday: Work, busy and boring.

Saturday: Boy am I bad. I waited until the last minute to purchase a wedding gift. Thankfully, there were a few items left on the registry that I was able to pick up. The wedding: Was fast!!!! Like about 20 or 30 minutes max and it was a big wedding with a bridal party and all. The reception was super cute. It was all pink and green although not a shade of pink I would choose.

Oh, I almost forgot. I got the cutest set of pink luggage at JC Penney's for the trip to Portland to scout homes. Once again, I will post pics later. Tonight maybe.

Sunday: We went to Fuji for some awesome sushi with the E family. It was funny to see how much sushi Little E ate. She really liked the seaweed salad and asked for "more" a couple of times. Then we went to a coffee shop called Cosmos (I think). This place serves everything: Food, coffee, tea, desserts, and alcohol too. Wild! I loved it.

Monday: I finally slept in. I have been waking up at 6am everyday and on the weekends it is really annoying. I toss and turn for about 20-30 minutes, get frustrated and run on the treadmill. It felt wonderful to get a couple extra hours of sleep. A family at Computer Company was having a BBQ and we went. I made my extra special peanut butter cup cookies which were gone in no time at all. These are always a hit but I only make them a few times a year and only one person other than myself has my recipe. (If I gave it away to everyone they wouldn't be extra special anymore.) The BBQ was a blast and the hosting family had a plethora of cool puzzles made of wood. Not like the kind that come in a box but one I really liked in the shape of a box. I still haven't quite gotten it yet.

That brings me to today. I am at my current workplace for my last week before beginning the new job at Computer Company next week. I am sad to be leaving my friends here at work but excited for the adventures to come at the new job.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Doing Much Better, Thank You

Today has been going well. Yes, I made it to work and I feel so much better than yesterday. I actually feel like I can make it through the entire work day. I think I will pass on lunch though. Food does NOT sound appetizing at all. Since I have nothing more exciting going on I will leave you with a few bits of knowledge I have gleaned from my bout with food poisoning.

1. Forgo the pink stuff. Trust me it only makes things worse.

2. Ice is nice. Ice chips that is. I was not even able to keep water down and my supervisor suggested ice chips and whad-u-know it worked. At home, I turned my ice maker to crushed ice and kept a good supply of ice chips nearby.

3. Two extra pillows are good too. I held one against my stomach and the other on my back. This made resting a little more comfortable. (I forgot how much your back hurts after throwing up so much.)

4. A cool house and a couple blankets = sleep. I turned the AC down and grabbed a light blanket and voila it was like falling asleep at the movies.

5. Turn the ringer on all phones off especially the cell phone. Yesterday a kind but paranoid family member called me like 7 times to check on me after finding out I had food poisoning. Call me once to check on me/let me know you are concerned and after that if I need anything I will call you.

6. Keep a double lined small trash can nearby. I don't think this needs any explanation.

Well that is all I can think of now. Let me know if something else I haven't listed helps you.

Monday, May 19, 2008

So Much to Say

Sorry, sorry, sorry it has been forever since I have posted anything. I have been incredibly busy.
So here is what has been going on in the Kally-Zone.

Friday I was offered and accepted a new job at Mr C's place of know, Computer Co. So this means when we make the big move this summer I will not have to pound the pavement looking for a new job. I was sooooo excited when I got the offer I was jumping up and down in the elevator. I always wondered where Miss B got her "happy hop." Now I know. Later that evening we went to a cousin's High School Graduation which was so super long Miss B kept falling asleep but then someone would walk across the stage and the people seated behind us would SCREAM. She would awake with a jolt and then ask me if the cousin had been called up yet. She really didn't want to miss her chance to scream.

Saturday we met the E family at the Renaissance Faire. Yep, it's still going on and thankfully a major improvement was made. The horses pulling the carriages had a new accessory. They had booty bags on to catch the offensive pony poo. I no longer had to scope out my steps. It was fantastic. Not to mention the tons of fun we had with the E's. Even little E seemed to have a good time and an odd fascination with the faux skeletons in the "castle dungeon." After the faire we met at Kilkenny's The food was good but they didn't have my most favorite beer, Grimbergen. I had something that was similar but not as tasty.

Sunday we totally misunderstood where we were supposed to meet the Jacobs family and both families ended up at different events. Bummer :( We were at the Ren faire, again, and they were at a local event at the JCC. We decided this would be our last trip to the faire and Miss B informed her friends: The King, Queen, Princess and Monkey (Not a real monkey, a nick name.) of our move and said her goodbyes. Once we got to the car Miss B fell apart with tears flowing freely. It was so hard to see my girl so sad and it was even harder knowing there will be more heartbreaking goodbyes. To lift Miss B's spirits we took her to see the movie she has been on our cases about for months. Mr C got us some Mexican food from a place I shall not name, the initials are M.H. In the middle of the night I woke up in an awful condition. I had food poisoning. It was crazy bad and stupid me I had convinced myself I could make it through the day at work. Well, that didn't happen. After 2 1/2 miserable hours I checked out and went home. I am feeling a little better now and I think I can make it to work tomorrow. I just hope I am not fooling myself again.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dueling Davids

Here it is guys. The American Idol Final Two. Wooohoo! Miss B and I have been watching since Kristy Lee was given the boot. B likes both of the Davids so she will be happy either way but not me. I want David Cook. (I think he is from Tulsa, not exactly sure though.) American Idol should rock! I can't wait to see what David is "Cookin" up for us next week. (Okay, I know that's cheesy but that is me.)

Natural Disasters?

Please help me answer Miss B's question.

The other night she asked if, when we moved, we could get a house with a storm cellar. (She has been totally freaked out by all of the tornadoes and warnings we have had in this area.) I told her that I didn't think OR had tornadoes come through there. She then asked: "What kind of natural disaster happens in Oregon?"
I asked her why she wanted to know so badly and she informed me that she wanted to be "prepared." This prompted me to ask what exactly was she afraid of.
Miss B's answer: "Pretty much anything that can kill me, like: tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, you know ...natural disasters." (All said in that tone that indicates to me should have known, mom.)

So today I googled: "natural disasters, Portland" and came up with a giant zippo, nada, nothing. Maybe this is good or maybe my search skills need refining. End result: I am asking anyone if they might know what natural disaster Miss B can freak about after the move.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Heart Ikea

I have told a few more friends about the upcoming move and one of them suggested I check out the Ikea store when I get there. We are selling most of our gak and moving as little as we have to. I took the bait and checked out their site and let me just say...OMG! I love it. Furniture, organizers, curtains and more. I spent way too much time just ogling the different goodies on the site. Above is a really cool dresser I discovered that comes in black or white. No your eyes do not deceive you those are in fact cubbies for SHOES or Handbags!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Roller Coaster Weekend

I am still a bit of a mess/wreck from my up and down weekend so I will try to keep things simple.

Friday: Mr. C came home from a day of meetings at his work we will from here on out fondly call: Computer Company (They don't make computers or sell them but anywhere Mr.C works has to be computer/technology related.) He gives me the news that the Computer Company has us PORTLAND...THIS SUMMER!!!! OMG, you have got to be kidding me? I have to clean a house to be ready to sell and move across the country this summer?!!! I laughed, cried and ran around with my head on fire full of all things moving related while trying to pack to go to MIL's house for her 60th birthday. (She lives about 1 & 1/2 to 2hrs away depending on if you go the speed limit or not in our case.)

Saturday: Went to MIL's B-day party which was a blast. It was outside in a friend's giant backyard. I sat back in the shade with a couple of Mojitos and listened to the classic rock blare from the DJ's speakers. -Now this is the life.- Miss B was occupied with her cousin Miss J and other party people. ***Later I learned of Miss B's fascination with farts and renaming them. examples: said after the fact: punched a moose, busted a grumpy, (and my personal favorite) let the buck snort. The last she is proudly repeating thanks to her Poppy. I think someone exchanged my little Diva for a tomboy.

Sunday: Back home, we did the whole end of Sunday School thing with the assembly where awards were presented for perfect attendance and the Chai Club, a reading contest where each child reads 18 Jewish themed books during the year. They announced our impending move to OR to many parents and friends surprise and horror. At the end of the assembly we had a butterfly release and a picnic. Wouldn't you know those little suckers didn't want to fly off. They flew out of the envelopes they were in, landed on the ground and hung out for a time while the parents and the teachers desperately tried to keep the kids from tromping on them en route to the food. On my way to grab some grub the Rabbi pointed to one near him and told me "that one is going to Portland." Cue tears.

We had dinner with the E family. Mr E made absolutely fantabulous Mexican food for us while I gabbed with Mrs. S-E and watched Miss B play with little E. (Little E is the Cutest baby in 36 states, let me tell you.) After the wonderful dinner and time spent with our friends we left for home which was an adventure in itself. -You see during dinner and Gab-fest '08 Mr C indulged in yummy food, white wine, port and a cigar. We had to stop on the way home so he could ralph outside a local gas station. Miss B offered we could have a pit stop every couple of miles and daddy could just lean out the car door. This way he wouldn't have to get out of the car and we could get home quicker. What a resourceful child I have.

Today everyone is doing okay. Mr C is not sick but a little smarter as to what he should mix and not mix. I am trying to work without thinking about the move yet failing because I am talking to you guys about it. Miss B is probably telling everyone and anyone at school who will listen that we are moving because she always wants to be the bearer of news: good, bad or otherwise.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

When in Rome....

I am not in Rome but I do LOVE the shoes!!! I found these on Zappos and I can't decide which pair I like better. I am in desperate need of a new pair of sandals for the summer and the gladiator style has been growing on me. Every time I see a pair I fall in love a little more. Who knows, I might get them both. Or someone else might for Mother's Day???

What kind of sandals are you wearing this summer?....besides flip flops!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tornado Alley

Yep, that is where I am at. My city has not been instructed to take cover yet so what better thing to do than post. The rain is really coming down. The back end of my driveway and probably the garage are slightly flooded. Earlier the tornado sirens were going off and poor Miss B was freakin' out. She had me emptying out not one but two "safe place" closets. Finally I convinced her my much larger walk-in closet would be more comfortable than the smaller hallway closet. Next thing I know she is toting in bags of webkinz and other favorite stuffed animals for comfort. I packed a tote with bottled water and snacks at her insistance and as I was taking these bags to my closet I hear her hollering..."Mom! Don't forget to pack books!" By the time this storm passes I will have places for everything in my closet but us.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

See These Snacks

Last night at Wild Oats/Whole Foods I found these yummy little guys and they happened to hop right into my shopping cart. Do not be fooled by the pic -the weight is only 16oz. Wow! Do they give you a boost. I crunched on them this morning and later on my supervisor asked me why I was talking so fast. Oops! They were $0.99 a pack which I felt was pretty reasonable.

Monday, May 5, 2008


A pic from a couple of years back: Miss B the Pirate & the Queen

We went to the some-what local Renaissance Faire this last weekend and a merry time was had by all. Huzzah! Uhm yeah, whatever.

Mr C and Miss B just LOVE the Ren Faires. They totally dig the whole experience: the clothes oops I mean garb, the Ren fair lingo, the food and everything else included. Me, I think it's okay but mostly I am kind of along for the ride.

As I wandered aimlessly through the graveled roads of this renaissance village trying to avoid stepping in the pony poop I took a long hard look at my surroundings and wondered....

...if there must have been a shortage of turkeys, seeing that almost everyone was chomping on a leg. Remember turkeys only have 2 legs so a hungry family of 4 means 2 less turkeys. tanned people were back then. Thanks to modern products like sunscreen, I wandered around as slick as a slug while maintaining my extremely pale visage. I'm not certain what people used centuries ago but without some SPF 10,15,25,35,45 or 50 they must have been sporting a pretty rockin' tan. (I use Banana Boat Baby Tear Free UVA & UVB Sunblock Lotion, SPF 50 or else my skin starts sizzlin') they survived without A/C or delt with the many heat strokes that probably occurred. -I admit I am a big weenie when it comes to the heat. I just can't take it. I get nauseated and my nose runs which always makes for a pretty picture. I am sure there were others that didn't handle the heat well. What in the huzzah did they do?

...What idiot came up with the word "huzzah" and why did people decide that this word should be shouted whenever something good was done or occurred?

If you were forced to live in the 1500s what modern day item would you not want to live without?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's All Mine & the Repairs Too!

I can happily report that I just wrote the final check for the car loan! Woooooohoooo! No more payments to the bank. Unfortunately, I will probably be spending the next five months paying off the mechanic for all the repairs our car needs. You know it's not good when you hear a grinding noise. I guess I will have to wait awhile before going shoe shopping. :(

Ninja Thursday

I guess this is how I am feeling today...not a very skilled ninja. My ninja skill today: I am trying to make it through the day without any pain meds. -I am still in recovery mode from the oral surgery.

Help! I am absolutely dying to munch & crunch real food again. I am currently on the mushy food diet due to the current state of my mouth. The mushy foods I am allowed to eat are: yogurt without any fruit, applesauce, mashed potatoes, and pudding. I am sure I could also eat baby food but I really don't want to go down that path. It's getting so bad I am dreaming of crunchy foods. Last night I thought I could smell celery in my bedroom. Well, I know it's getting bad when I actually wish I could eat celery. Let's hope my mouth heals up soon and I can eat something yummy and crunchable this weekend but in the meantime I am open to suggestions for better mushy foods than what I am eating now.

****On the horizon: Super gross pics to come that my ortho doc took of my mouth during surgery. Blech! I'll post them as soon as he emails them to me.***