Monday, September 21, 2009

Drinks, Food, Place-Check! People & Time.......ummm

It is only Monday and I am already wishing for the weekend.
Why? you ask.
Well, It must be all the frozen, mixed drinks I have waiting for a Girls Night...OF COURSE!!!!
I have had some rockin' times with my fam & all of our friendlies BUT I am ready to boot the Mr & the Monkey (B) out the door and invite the girls in for chick flicks, snacky things & frou frou drinks. In PDX we had a blast watching movies the Mr would describe as "drinking tea & talking about feelings flicks" with a plate of cookies and whatever drink you want in hand. I soooooo need to have one of these nights here and SOON.

I have the apartment cleaned, the fridge stocked with food & bevs. I am ready :)
........Now all I have to do is round up the local girls and decide on a time.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Let Me Tell You Everything

I feel terrible for skipping out on you guys for so long but I have no excuse other than life got in the way and I only had time to live it. No time for reflections. I will try to make it up to y'all by telling you everything....well everything that I can think of that has happened lately.

Last you heard we had just gotten back to T-town and we were trying to get settled back in.

Things are going well and busy.

Work: I am working full-time as an Administrative Assistant & the Mr has a part-time job @ one of the local colleges until he can land a full time gig. We are hopeful he will get something keep your fingers crossed for us.

Miss B is attending her first year in a public school.....and she LOVES it. She has made friends fast and likes every single one of her teachers. (Thank goodness this transition went smoothly!)

Friends & Fun: We have spent a ton of time with the E Family : eating amazing dinners cooked by the fabulous Mr. E; watching oldie but goodie & some not so goodie movies; and the whole time laughing & loving spending this time with our Besties.


• Sunday School has started back up. I am not teaching this year due to grade mixing in the re-org but I am supposed to sub when needed. Miss B is glad to be among friends but I fear she may be socializing more than learning. (The girl loves to gab! ....wonder where she gets that from? :)

• I have been fighting a losing battle with the oven in my apartment. The janky old thing burns things on the bottom rack and WAY under cooks on the top rack....there is no happy medium. Maybe I should just try cooking everything on top but longer....hmmmmm....there's a thought. (See I am so glad to be talking to y'all because until this moment I have pretty much been burning everything :D

Okay, so I am getting tired and starting to ramble. I will get back with you on more Kally Casa goings-on soon. ...For Real :)