Monday, July 20, 2009

Guess What Hit the Fan????

I am blogging from the nearby coffee shop because Cox has yet to come give me real Internetz in the new apartment. So here is a quick laugh from last night....

....I was cooking dinner while the Mr was folding the laundry when all of a sudden I hear this THUMP quickly followed by some choice words. I asked him if he stubbed his toe/ran into the wall???? He looked sheepishly at me and told me while trying to fold MY special lady & the tramp sheet (yeah, I know...kid-ish...I refuse to get rid of it) ...okay so he was forced to fold the sheet lengthwise and as he stretched upward to fold the sheet, the ceiling fan (which was set to the highest speed) whacked him right in the hand.

*I almost peed mah pants. I was laughing so hard at his gracefulness.

**Before we went to sleep, he turned the fan to a lower speed.

***He is still showing me his wounded hand...all I can see is a tiny scratch.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Livin' On Tulsa Time

Yay!!!! We are finally back home in Tulsa!!!!! (okay so IRL we have been back since late last Thursday night BUT I really feel home now.)

The trip/LONG drive back was crazy and made worse by a terrible cold I came down with the day before we were to hit the road. Thanks to all of the Best Westerns we stayed at along the way for serving free breakfasts. It really made getting up at 6am in the mornings more manageable.

The Fan-freakin-Tastic E Family has been so kind to let us stay with them until our belongings arrive in the truck (on Tuesday we hope). YAY for A+++++++++ friends!!!! We LOVE them sooooooo much!!!

Here are a few (oops, I mean ALOT) of the pics from our trip back to T-Town.

Miss B begged me to take this pic and at the moment I just wanted to get on the road. Now I think it is crazy cool.

Mountains in Cali :)

This was the first time for me to see palm trees that weren't growing in a mall. I was in love. <3
I couldn't believe all of the far as the eye could see. and prickly. Maybe I felt this way because this was my worst sick day on the trip back.

The Mr humored me by stopping in Roswell so I could take pics of all the alien goodies (not those kind of goodies...I am not THAT interested in aliens). No real aliens were spotted this trip but B & I left with some awesome t-shirts.

The last day of driving I took zero pics. ...I know, sometimes I am boring.