Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Little....Gangster?

In case you were wondering Miss B has decided to donate her hair to Beautiful Lengths. We are thinking about getting her hair cut the first weekend of December. In the meantime she will be looking for a fab new style to sport.

I know this is super late to update you on but here is what B was for Halloween….

Did you guess Gangster? Well, that was what the costume packaging said BUT everyone that saw her thought she was something else. When someone would ask her what she was going to be she would say in her fast little voice… “I am supposed to be a gangster but what I really look like is a Pimp!!!!” When asked if she knew what a pimp was she would respond, “Nope, but I know I look like one!

***This wonderful pic was taken by my photog friend. Many Thanks to Kitmac Photography for giving me permission to post this awesome pic!!!***

Monday, November 16, 2009

Hebrew School

Have you ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? You know how they send the kids to Greek School and they learn Greek? Well, B is old enough now that she is in Hebrew School. Same kind of thing except B is learning Hebrew and preparing for her Bat Mitzvah. We usually carpool with another family that lives a couple miles away from us. Well, one evening when they dropped B off it was the older sister who was driving. She told me that B was trying to con her into letting her sit shotgun. The Older Sis told me this was how the conversation went….

I can ride in the front.

Big Sis: B I don’t think so. You need to sit in the back with the other kids.

B: Really! I can sit up front. My Grandpa always lets me sit up front.

Big Sis: Well, your Grandpa has many more years experience driving than I do B.

B: Well, you have two hands to drive with and my Grandpa only has one!

*** I totally lost it at this point. Cracking up laughing because it is the truth. ***
****Although Big Sis had to give B that one, Miss B still rode in the back with the other kids. ****

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Just Wondering

I have a bottle of the OPI Matte color Alpine Snow. It just isn't me so if you are a OPI polish fan and think you will use it I will give/send it to you.

No drawings this time. Just show me some bloggy love <3 (that is my ghetto fab sign for a heart)

This is what it looks like

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rapunzel, Rapunzel....

I know it has been forever. I have no excuse once again BUT I do have things to say....

Soooooo, Miss B has been wearing her hair long for most of her life. At present time, it is about half-way down her rear. Now hear this: My sweet girl has decided to chop it all off (over 14 inches of hair) and donate it. She is still trying to decide where to donate the hair to. We have looked into Children With Hairloss & Pantene Beautiful Lengths. B has asked me to ask around to find out where others have donated hair and their experience with the organization they donated to. Any comments/suggestions would be helpful and greatly appreciated.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Drinks, Food, Place-Check! People & Time.......ummm

It is only Monday and I am already wishing for the weekend.
Why? you ask.
Well, It must be all the frozen, mixed drinks I have waiting for a Girls Night...OF COURSE!!!!
I have had some rockin' times with my fam & all of our friendlies BUT I am ready to boot the Mr & the Monkey (B) out the door and invite the girls in for chick flicks, snacky things & frou frou drinks. In PDX we had a blast watching movies the Mr would describe as "drinking tea & talking about feelings flicks" with a plate of cookies and whatever drink you want in hand. I soooooo need to have one of these nights here and SOON.

I have the apartment cleaned, the fridge stocked with food & bevs. I am ready :)
........Now all I have to do is round up the local girls and decide on a time.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Let Me Tell You Everything

I feel terrible for skipping out on you guys for so long but I have no excuse other than life got in the way and I only had time to live it. No time for reflections. I will try to make it up to y'all by telling you everything....well everything that I can think of that has happened lately.

Last you heard we had just gotten back to T-town and we were trying to get settled back in.

Things are going well and busy.

Work: I am working full-time as an Administrative Assistant & the Mr has a part-time job @ one of the local colleges until he can land a full time gig. We are hopeful he will get something keep your fingers crossed for us.

Miss B is attending her first year in a public school.....and she LOVES it. She has made friends fast and likes every single one of her teachers. (Thank goodness this transition went smoothly!)

Friends & Fun: We have spent a ton of time with the E Family : eating amazing dinners cooked by the fabulous Mr. E; watching oldie but goodie & some not so goodie movies; and the whole time laughing & loving spending this time with our Besties.


• Sunday School has started back up. I am not teaching this year due to grade mixing in the re-org but I am supposed to sub when needed. Miss B is glad to be among friends but I fear she may be socializing more than learning. (The girl loves to gab! ....wonder where she gets that from? :)

• I have been fighting a losing battle with the oven in my apartment. The janky old thing burns things on the bottom rack and WAY under cooks on the top rack....there is no happy medium. Maybe I should just try cooking everything on top but longer....hmmmmm....there's a thought. (See I am so glad to be talking to y'all because until this moment I have pretty much been burning everything :D

Okay, so I am getting tired and starting to ramble. I will get back with you on more Kally Casa goings-on soon. ...For Real :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Guess What Hit the Fan????

I am blogging from the nearby coffee shop because Cox has yet to come give me real Internetz in the new apartment. So here is a quick laugh from last night....

....I was cooking dinner while the Mr was folding the laundry when all of a sudden I hear this THUMP quickly followed by some choice words. I asked him if he stubbed his toe/ran into the wall???? He looked sheepishly at me and told me while trying to fold MY special lady & the tramp sheet (yeah, I know...kid-ish...I refuse to get rid of it) ...okay so he was forced to fold the sheet lengthwise and as he stretched upward to fold the sheet, the ceiling fan (which was set to the highest speed) whacked him right in the hand.

*I almost peed mah pants. I was laughing so hard at his gracefulness.

**Before we went to sleep, he turned the fan to a lower speed.

***He is still showing me his wounded hand...all I can see is a tiny scratch.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Livin' On Tulsa Time

Yay!!!! We are finally back home in Tulsa!!!!! (okay so IRL we have been back since late last Thursday night BUT I really feel home now.)

The trip/LONG drive back was crazy and made worse by a terrible cold I came down with the day before we were to hit the road. Thanks to all of the Best Westerns we stayed at along the way for serving free breakfasts. It really made getting up at 6am in the mornings more manageable.

The Fan-freakin-Tastic E Family has been so kind to let us stay with them until our belongings arrive in the truck (on Tuesday we hope). YAY for A+++++++++ friends!!!! We LOVE them sooooooo much!!!

Here are a few (oops, I mean ALOT) of the pics from our trip back to T-Town.

Miss B begged me to take this pic and at the moment I just wanted to get on the road. Now I think it is crazy cool.

Mountains in Cali :)

This was the first time for me to see palm trees that weren't growing in a mall. I was in love. <3
I couldn't believe all of the far as the eye could see. and prickly. Maybe I felt this way because this was my worst sick day on the trip back.

The Mr humored me by stopping in Roswell so I could take pics of all the alien goodies (not those kind of goodies...I am not THAT interested in aliens). No real aliens were spotted this trip but B & I left with some awesome t-shirts.

The last day of driving I took zero pics. ...I know, sometimes I am boring.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Apartment Hunting Remotely

...and other thoughts on Moving

How fast time changes your life... A few short months ago we were searching SW Portland for a forever home and here I am today....packing up the townhouse and searching online for a short term apartment to live in (halfway across the country) while most of my belongings will live in a storage unit. I am so excited to get back to T-Town and get settled in. B is starting to get excited about yet another new school and about a million after school activities she would like to do. The Mr...well, he just wants the move to be over with and get back to work.

Since we are going to be driving the car back, I have packed a couple of bags for B and myself. These contain the usual girl stuff: Tons of clothes, about 3 pairs of shoes, a bathroom bag, a traveling pillow (or a traveling Murray in her case), a hair dryer and (most importantly) my flat iron. (I can NOT travel w/o the flat iron...I even took it with me when I went camping. ---For some reason I thought I could style my hair in the camp bathrooms....yeah.....notsomuch!) Now that B and I have all of our importants packed, I am wondering where we can fit the Mr's stuff.

***I got the long lost camera back from the Mr but the battery is dead. :( I'll get it all charged up and ready to picument our trip back :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

NOT the Mamma!!!!

The baby shower I co-hosted yesterday went off perfectly. The mom-to-be was showered with gifts, love and well wishes. The kids in attendance had a blast in the play area under the watchful care of Miss B. (My little girl is working on becoming a junior babysitter and doing a GREAT job!)

When I got home after helping out with the shower, I was pooped. After checking my email I left a comment on FaceCrack about how tired I was after running the baby shower......BIG MISTAKE!!!! When I checked my email a second ago I noticed a few comments asking if I was preggers?!?!?! ...WTF?!?!?! Are you kidding me??? I couldn't believe it! One of these comments was from my own brother. Um....wouldn't they think I would do better than to announce something like that on facebook? So I made another comment just now letting them know I am NOT the Mamma!!! One of my good friends here in PDX is and I am glad I was able to do this for her before I leave for T-town.

Whew! Now that I have got it out of my system, I am kinda laughing on the inside. Really... what kind of nut do they think I am?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Coach FTW

Yesterday I had to run some last minute errands before a baby shower we are co-hosting today which included a trip to the mall :) While we were there we made a quick stop off in the Kate Spade store to get Miss B some pencils for school next year. (Yeah, I know...who gets their kid designer pencils?...I do!!! And she knows as long as she keeps doing well in school then I will continue getting her fancy pencils BUT if she does poorly then she is back to the yellow #2s.) Well, the Kate Spade store was out of pencils soooooooo B was asking to check out if the Coach store was carrying any pencils. I have NEVER seen pencils at Coach before but wouldn't you know....there was a Poppy pencil display right at the front entrance of the store!!!! B was in Big Lurve. (Coach is her fave.) A handy dandy Coach clerk pounced on what he perceived to be a potential sale. Little did he know Miss B would be the one to score. Coach Clerk asked if we were interested in the Poppy pencils so I told him of the failed KS pencil procurement and how fab it would be if we could purchase these. He then told me of how I could spend major $$$$$ to get the pencils for free. I gave him my best Not On Your Life, Pal look so he told me I could go home and become a "fan of Coach on my Facebook account print out the verification sheet & bring it back in to get the pencils at no cost." "Sorry." I told him that we were moving many states away and this would be our last trip to the mall here.

Miss B must have seen her moment and jumped at the chance. She smiled sweetly at Coach Clerk and told him of her great LOVE of all things Coach and facebook too. "I would totally become a fan of Coach on Facebook BUT ....insert super sad face..... they deleted my account a couple of weeks ago :( " Coach Clerk took one look at my sweet sad little princess and asked us to wait a second. The next thing I knew he was coming back to us with a box of pencils. The sad face transformed to sheer joy in a nanosecond and the girl about jumped through the roof. "Thank you...Thank You....THANK YOU!!!!!!!!" she squealed.

Thank you so much to the kind Coach Clerk who put a little girl's happiness above his commission.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Wouldn't you know that the Mr would get sick at the VERY MOST inconvenient time EVER?!?!?! Guess who has been taking care of him since Friday when he came down with the crud. Yep. You got that right....ME. I have been the perfect little nursemaid....bringing him hot tea, meals, and making sure he takes his meds. (He's not senile and forgets to take them....he is a man and HATES to take any kind of medication.) I tried to sweeten the deal by baking brownies. This worked fabulously until yesterday when I was down to the last two. I brought the brownies over to Miss B and told her to take the smaller one of the two because she was smaller than her dad when......she went to go for the larger one, looked at me hopefully and said "BUT I have Big hopes :)" I told her to keep on hoping and gave her the smaller brownie.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm Getting There

Sooooooo....what was I thinking. The box free zone has totally gone out the window as well as just working on one area at a time BUT I do see progress and this makes me happy :) It is strange to see bookshelves sitting empty as well as empty dresser drawers. By the end of this week it is going to be like camping in my house. The one thing I am concerned about is what to do as far as food goes during the last few days. I really hate to go the whole fast food 3xs a day route and I think Miss B will revolt if I tell her we are going to do PB & J for every meal. Any suggestions here?

Tonight I am going to a karaoke place for a wedding reception tonight (at a karaoke place) and I am sooooo NOT prepared for this. We just purchased the gift yesterday along with wrapping paper and even MORE packing tape. The checker looked at me like I had lost my mind and said something like... "You know, you are NOT supposed to use that kind of tape when wrapping a gift???"......ummmm yeah, did this lady really think I was going to wrap this gift with heavy duty packing tape?! ....of course not I am going to make the Mr do it.

AND as if I am not crazy busy enough already I am helping to organize a baby shower for a friend to be held a few days before I leave PDX. I don't really know how much help I am at this point with all the brain drain I feel like I have. It's the thought that counts right? Let's just hope I can do more thank just think. :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How Did They Do It?

About a year ago I was preparing for the move here to Portland and now I am making the move back...without packers. Yep, you got that right. We are the movers and the shakers in this operation. I have come to greatly respect those that can pack up an entire house in 1 day. I don't know how they did it but the three fabulous girl power packers did just that to move us the first time. Here I am today with half-filled boxes everywhere and my mind headed straight to crazy. If you have any moving/packing tips, I am all ears. For now I think I am going to just focus on ONE room at a time and then move on to the next and the next and the next because this half & half house is ridiculous. I can't wait to have one cleaned out room (even if it is my closet) completely free of boxes or things to put in boxes. I'm keeping my fingers crossed with hopes this new method will work.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Info-mercials Rock

Not much going on here right now just packing up boxes and getting distracted by YouTube. Here is probably one of my All Time Faves. You can't watch this video and NOT smile. Seriously!!!

"...It's easy. You just got one hand and chop Chop CHOP!!!!"

Monday, June 1, 2009

What Happened...

Some of you know what has been going on lately with the Kally Family and probably get why I have been unable to post for awhile. For those of you who have NO idea here is what has been going on...

The Monday after Mother's Day I arrived to work as usual at Computer Co. to find that the Mr and I along with many other's were being laid off. The Company was thinning down to a bare bones crew in a last ditch attempt to make a save. I guess I could see this coming since I have worked for other companies in the past that were forced into mass layoffs but for some reason it was still a surprise to me (not the good kind). My heart just broke for all of the people coming into the office only to find out it would be their last day. All of us just stared blankly at each other some of us with tears in our eyes wondering just what would be next and what everyone else was going to do now. I knew one thing for sure.... we were no longer on the market to buy a house.

So many emotions were running high that last day at Computer Co and for some the invisible pink slip has caused many more days of emotional upset. Am I angry about this situation? Do I blame anyone for this? My answer is simple: No. I know in my heart no one would plan this and everyone involved wish things could be otherwise. I just feel sadness when thinking of how things have turned out and how so many dreams were crushed by a beaten down economy.

After talks, tears and the weighing of pros and cons the Mr and I have decided to head back home to Tulsa, OK. Some might think I am running back with my tail between my legs embarrassed BUT I AM NOT. Many of you do not know this because I always try to keep things light but this past year has been pretty hard on me. I stopped making phone calls to family and friends back home because it only reminded me of how much I missed them. I just couldn't deal with the let down of realizing how far away I was from where my heart was. The Mr & B were not fooled by my fake smiles and the way I filled my days. They knew. The only person I was fooling was myself and I wasn't doing a very good job of that either. I have dealt with so many days of depression that I don't ever want to count them out into weeks or months. I want to move on. I want to feel happy again. I want to look forward and see this Journey Home as a new page in our lives. Things will not all be the same as when we left. We will find new jobs, a new home, new schools but thankfully all of the old family and friends will be there to welcome us. For This I am thankful and hopeful of what is to come for us.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

House Hunters

So the big news here is....We FINALLY sold the Tulsa house!!!!! Now we are searching for a great house here in PDX. If any of my Portlanders know of a great house for sale in SW PDX feel free to let me know. In the meantime I have been checking out a few houses myself. Some have been some real winners too....wah wah WAH!!!

I'll tell you about the bad houses because those are the most fun to dish about.

Bad House 1: ...You know you're in the dog house when....the realtor opens the door and...Whoosh! You are almost knocked down on your heinie by the scent of multiple dogs. The house was empty but the owners must have had at least 15 dogs in the house from how strong the smell was :P I think I spent less than 5 minutes in this one deciding to leave when Miss B opened a closet door and said "I think I smell a Poodle." :)

Bad House 2: Not so updated. This one had a weird flow to it with the master bedroom being upstairs and all of the other bedrooms downstairs. I know it is the over-protective mother in me coming out but I prefer B's room to be on the same floor mine is. I want to be able to catch her sneaking out when she is a teenager and trying to run wild. (I don't think the girl will turn out like that BUT just in case I am gonna be ready!) It said it was updated but the carpet screamed 70s to me.

Tonight we are on the hunt again. Here is hoping I come upon a fab find and if I don't I'll be sure to tell you about all the turkeys we end up looking at.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Coast Post part 1

What an exciting trip this was! I started it off by making EVERYONE get up at Stupid O'Clock in the morning so we could be on the road to Bandon by 5am. Let me tell you...I was NOT the most popular person in the house on this particular morning. We managed to get out by 5:30am (Good time for me. I am usually the Princess of Procrastination.) It rained most of the way there but once we arrived the rain cleared and the fog started to dissipate like magic.

Look at how excited the Mr is to be back near the ocean. It made me smile just taking this pic and still makes me smile just thinking about that day :)
The Mr and B, my two favorite people.

In Bandon the beach is kinda split into 2 halves by a jetty. One side is rocky (sandy with some huge rocks in the ocean and some along the beach too) and the other is more like the flat sandy beach that people imagine a beach to look like. On the first day we hung out on the rocky side. Wouldn't you know, one of the first things I spotted in the water was a Sea Lion?!?! So cute! ....But very fast....well faster than I am at taking pics he ducked back underwater. I waited around for it to pop up again but it didn't happen so we walked along the shore in awe of everything with me taking pictures at every new site.

Can you believe this rock with all of the starfish? I had never seen a live starfish IRL before and was shocked at the size of them. I expected them to be all tiny, cute & skinny but they are puffy and slimy looking instead. So I dared Miss B to touch one...yeah, I guess I am that kind of mom who will let her kid touch the slimy looking things first. B is no fool she told me she was NOT going to touch one of those things unless I promised to touch one too. I did and was weirded out by how hard and bumpy they feel.

Here are some of the starfish up close and personal.

A little further down the beach we came upon this huge nasty guy. I had never seen a jellyfish before either. Unlike the starfish this bugger was more like I expected. Miss B was NOT a fan of the jellyfish but was a sport enough to pose with it for a pic :)

***Coming up in the next Coast Post....the ocean shows me who's boss!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We All Scream.....

...For Ice Cream. Prepare to scream even louder because this is FREE ice cream (free always tastes best to me :)

***For all Portland Peeps Ben & Jerry's is hosting Free Cone Day!!! So...if you live in Portland head on over to your nearest Ben & Jerry's to get some free ice cream (from 12pm-8pm). I'll be there and I'm hoping to have a cone of Triple Caramel Chunk in my hot little hand :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Back but Busy

I promise I am not abandoning anyone here just really busy (work, MIL visiting, and just getting back into a routine). We are back from our long weekend at the coast so look for a Coast Post soon. I've got some great pics and silly stories to come :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In the Movies

Last night American Idol was all about the movies right down to the vocal coach, Quentin Tarantino. Like the movies sometimes it's a thumbs up and sometimes a thumbs down. For me, last night was a thumbs downer. Most everyone bored me to tears. The 2 and 1/2 exceptions were Allison, Adam, and Anoop. The rest of them were pretty much "meh" for me. (A very unenthusiastic meh at that.)

Here is my mini rundown:
Allison sang I Don't Want to Miss a Thing. Normally I HATE this song (it just gets on mah nerves) but I liked her low key build up. I think I like Allison a little more each week. I just wonder if it is her talent I appreciate or how much I love rooting for an underdog. (+1)

Uh Oh! It was Return of the Guy-liner!!!! I still don't dig the emo/goth-ish look for Adam but I did love his version of Born to Be Wild. Yep folks. You read that right. I loved something Adam sang. I found Simon's comparison of Adam's performance to Rocky Horror hilarious. (I love Rocky Horror so maybe it makes sense that I loved this?) (+1)

Anoop was pretty good with his rendition of Everything I Do, I Do It for You but Dang! Couldn't he have picked a better ballad than that smarmy Bryan Adams song? (+1/2)

Danny was meh with Endless Love.
Matt & Kris weren't any better. What? Another Bryan Adams song?!?! Come ON!!!!

And out comes Lil. Somehow she scored the "Money Spot" on the show and she chooses to sing The Rose. Lil's performance was okay. Nothing I would write home about BUT her attitude when getting judged made me want to give her the boot right then and there. When a contestant argues with the judges I think they should get booted by default. (-1)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Bits & Pieces

Twilight night was a blast!!! Now I am counting the days until New Moon is finished and in the theaters. Hanging out with the girls was so much fun I am racking my brain for other movies we can get together to watch.

Yesterday I made it out to ULTA to get my makeup fix. I swear that store is like crack. I can't go a month without making a trip there for something. I went there on a mascara mission this time. I have been wanting to try out the new-ish Loreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes Mascara for awhile now because I have been feeling like my lashes could use a bit of a boost lately. So I grabbed a tube of this and headed home to try it out. I applied the mascara to one I could compare the diff.
**This stuff is definitely a clubbing mascara or one you would want to wear for a photo shoot maybe. The one side of my face was some face paint, glitter and a platinum dye job away from turning me into Lady Gaga! On the bright side this mascara was easily removed with water and I didn't lose any lashes in the process.

It is Monday and I am already crazy with anticipation for the weekend. Why? (you ask) ....because I am going to the coast!!!! We are taking a long weekend to visit the Mr's place of birth. How exciting right? Well, even more exciting is that This will be my VERY First time to see the ocean (any ocean for that matter). Now I know the OR coast is not a place for swimming but I am hoping to bring back a couple of shells at least.

I have been putting off updating some stuff on the blog lately like the way outdated blog roll, my running & reading tracking, new pod casts I am know, that sort of thing. If you want a spot on the new and updated blog roll to come, please let me know and if by mistake I leave someone out...definitely let me know. I am doing this stuff in bits and pieces and I am bound to goof up somewhere.

Just wanted to let y'all know that today I will be enjoying some yummy matzo ball soup Miss B and the MIL made. Aren't they some sweeties?

OMG!!! I totally forgot. I might have jury duty! I got some sort questionnaire in the mail a couple of weeks back instructing me to fill it out with my trusty #2 pencil and send it back. It is crazy. I had lived all of my life in Oklahoma without having to serve jury duty once and I haven't lived in Oregon for a year yet and the state is already checking me out for honor :) If I do get picked I hope everything goes quickly.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Last night the Mr decided to cook some steaks on the George Faux-man grill. (I know not even the real thing. Steaks are supposed to be done outside BUT it was raining and we still have not purchased a new grill yet sooo forgive us.) Well....the Mr tried a different spice on the steaks, a Jamaican jerk, one we purchased from the farmer's market in Tulsa. He was totally clueless as to how much spice to use so being the over-achieving man that he is he just went bananas with it. Spice was rubbed into the steaks and sprinkled HEAVILY on both sides. After one bite the Mr's face started to turn red and I could swear he started to sweat. He looked at me and apologized for the steak Miss B and I would NOT be able to eat. That was not going to stop us. We are some stubborn girls. Both Miss B and I loaded our plates with some steak and dug in. .....the Mr was right. Not only was the steak fiery enough to burn my lips, mouth, throat and make my nose start to run it was tough too. I gamely kept chewing and chewing and chewing....yeah, that wasn't going to work. We gave back the steaks and I remembered when Miss B was little she would ask for her Daddy to make Mis-Steaks for us to eat :) I kindly told the Mr maybe he could use the meat to make a stew and B enthusiastically agreed....."yes, dad you could used the meat to make a shoe!!!" Oh my, how I love that girl of mine.....when the joke is not on me, of course.

***Other stuff going on at the Casa de Kally: Tonight is Twilight Night!!! I bought the DVD & I am having some girls over for drinks, dinner & some fantastic vampire angsty lust. *Little girls will be banished to the upstairs and drugged with Disney :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

So Long Scott

Wednesday night was Scott MacIntyre's last as an American Idol contestant. Yeah, you got that right. The judges decided not to use their save on him. (I still think they are keeping the save in their pocket in the case Allison ends up with the lowest vote count.) It was surprising to see Anoop land in the bottom 3 after hearing from so many sources about how much better he was Tuesday night. Must be from that awful Usher song he sang before still scaring us away. In the end it was a pretty boring, fully expected results show.

**I did not like/love the Kellie Pickler performance last night. Every time I see her singing one thought continuously runs through my head "Stop trying to be Carrie Underwood!" Kelly looked a little tranny last night and at times a little possessed when she would bug out her eyes.....disturbing. Why did they decide to play the dumb blonde act with her yet again? Ugh!

**What was up with Paula and the opera gloves? Who dresses the judges & contestants? Now that is who really needs to be given the boot!!!!

What did you think? Did you pick Scott to go?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gee Your Hair Smells Minty Fresh...

and Other Bad Kally Mishaps. This should be the full name of this post because for some reason those are the moments I am having right now. This morning while I was brushing my teeth I managed to spit toothpaste into my hair. Now that takes some talent...right? To really understand my accident looking to happen issues....Let us start with...

Monday: Work goes well. Evening workout with ScrappyGirl goes great. Then I came home and the bad luck/Bad Kally moments began. I was cleaning out our giant pantry in attempt to throw out old stuff and get rid of the chametz. When pulling the last of the junk from the pantry I crashed my elbow into a some canned food. Yeeeouch! Then I tripped over the same chair twice. I ran into the coffee table banging up my shin. I told the Mr I was through. -No more accidents for me.- Boy was I fooled! When I was taking off my workout top my arm slipped and I scraped a large piece of skin from my face with my razor of death & destruction thumbnail. ***insert screams of bloody murder*** Thankfully Miss B saved the day with a Ziploc of ice. (My little lifesaver :) Now my face looks like I have a bit of road rash on my cheek and near my eye.

Tuesday: Ack! The MIL was supposed to show up and I still had tons of cleaning to do. I scrubbed 3 toilets, 2 tubs, 3 sinks, and discovered a little band of ants trying to shack up with me in the house! There was no ant spray on hand (so in case you need this little tid bit of info) glass & surface cleaner works like a charm to rid your house of those awful little buggers just as well. While I ran around my house like a chicken with my head cut off I neglected to DVR American Idol :( Bad Kally :( Sad Kally :( I didn't realize how much I love listening to this bundle of hopefuls try to entertain me.

Wednesday: So I apologize for the lack of AI Round Up today. I set my DVR to record all upcoming episodes to prevent this from happening again. To get your AI fix today you should check out SmoochieFrog. She puts out a pretty wicked cool AI updated as well.

*Wish me luck on an accident free day today :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


The winner of the Friday Finale is.........A
and since A found her way here Miss B picked ....Carrie out of the drawing cup for the Target gift card!!!

Ladies Congrats!!!! And Thank you, Thank You, Thank You to all of you who have participated in celebrating my blogiversary!!! I hope to blah blah blog at you soon :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Finale The Last Give Away

It is the end of the week and the last of My favorite things give away! I have crazy mad love for all of you so I wanted to make this last one a big Big BIG one!

Here is a quick low down on what is included in the bundle of joy & give away goodness

  • a cute little recipe box and recipe cards for all of your favorite things to bake
  • a blue butterfly apron to wear while baking :)
  • gummy coke to munch on in the meantime
  • 3 cute preppy little notepads to scribble your thoughts on
  • a slinky jr for fun
    Because I adore Bath & Bodyworks I had to include
  • B&B Rain Kissed Leaves Lotion & Shower Gel (Travel Sized)
  • B&B Butterfly Flower Lotion (Travel Sized) -this is one of my new faves.
  • B&B Sea Island Cotton anti-bacterial hand gel (mini)
  • an aquamarine bath/shower puff by Bathery
  • Made In Oregon Coconut Lime Verbena soap cupcake by Hand Pour Soaps & Bath Products
    To keep your lips de-chap-a-fied you get
  • 2 Burts Bees lip balm ...1 original and 1 honey
    I love Love LOVE OPI soooo
  • OPI minis, The South Beach Collection

    So here is what you can do to win all of these great goodies:
    Comment = 1 entry (tell me how great you think I am because I think y'all are totally fab!)
    Follow Me!= 1 extra entry
    Post about this giveaway! = 3 extra entries
    ***Now if you post about it, have your peeps tell me you sent them here AND if they are the winner then you will win a $20 gift card to my fave store Tar-jay!***

    Good Luck to EveryOne!!!
    **Since I am Crazy Late about getting this post up I will extend this one to Monday April 6, 2009, 5pm PST. :)

  • Thursday, April 2, 2009

    Early Morning Give Away

    To continue on with my Blogiversary Celebration I sit here posting at 6:15AM thinking of my favorite thing in the morning.

    Q: What wakes me up like nothin' else? What do I beg for when I feel I am working on half a brain?
    A: Yep, you already knew....COFFEE!!!! Not just any coffee though, Stumptown Coffee!

    Today's giveaway includes Stumptown's one bag (cuz I have no clue how much that is this early in the morning) of Holler Mountain Blend Coffee and a ginormous coffee mug (just for you) to drink this fabulous Portland coffee from.

    Comment away to enter this give away and follow me for an extra entry.
    ***Don't forget! You can enter all giveaways until this Saturday at 12pm PST.****

    ETA: The Winner of this one is......Eggo!!!

    Miss B chose your name out of my fancy Princess Pimp Cup turned drawing cup (only for the moment :)