Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm A Loser Baby.....

Yeah, I know I am like the BIGGEST putz in 36 least. I keep promising y'all some serious posting but Fail on the follow through. This time there are no promises just a fun little posting. Maybe I will keep it up....Maybe I won't. You will have to come back to make sure I stay on my game.

So I guess a little update is in order. Well here goes....

Most importantly does everyone know the Packers won the Superbowl????!!!!!

If not, that's okay. I will remind you. I have to remind myself every once in a while, just for fun. In case you didn't know, the Kally Family are Packer fans.
This started with Miss B who decided at age 7 football stats were much more important than secrets to write about in her little pink diary. We all have our special gear we wear for game days. My fave is 52 - Clay Matthews.

I have decided for game day swag I need a life-sized Cardboard Clay. If anyone can help me out on this I will be your friend for LIFE. - I can imagine some great pics around town with Cardboard Clay... next to the Golden Driller maybe...

or the Rose Garden...

In T-Town the possibilities are endless!

Oops! Sorry about the misdirection. I get a little super hyper focused when it comes to football.
•Real quick, other things I am into right now:
•Hanging out with the our besties aka the best-Es.
•Settlers of Catan or on fun nights Settlers of Cantina
•Doing hair!!! Bug me about it enough and I will post some pics of some cool hairdos to do.
I will even give a quick review of last year if you really want to know some of the crazies I went through.

I will leave you tonight with some pics of the way the Mr and his buds are chill-axing this evening.

Yeah, I know. Cigars. Don't worry the Mr knows a shower is a must. Can't muss up my clean sheet smell :)