Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Preppy Product of the Week

Introducing: Preppy Mom Wipe Cases by: D. Zelkind

For the mom who still wants to look stylish while wiping a baby's bum.

-Really I love these cases! I think they are the PERFECT accessory to any one's diaper bag. If you are interested in purchasing one or more please leave me a comment and I will contact you with the info you need to get one.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oral Surgery and Too Much TV

Just a quickie from home today since I had the laser oral surgery today and I am attempting recovery so I can take my oral final in Spanish tonight. I’m kinda uncertain on how successful I will be. My mouth is pretty sore and I feel like I could hurl at any moment. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed tonight.

In the meantime, I have been overindulging in daytime TV. I am so sick of hearing about Miley Cyrus and the Vanity Fair photo shoot. Sorry, but I can’t imagine the parents not having an inkling as to what might be involved in the shoot. I bet it was just a bad call at trying to expand her audience and offers for films, TV, etc. Now Disney is playing the game of CYA.

A Weekend of Webkinz, Pizza & Wiis

As most moms know this last weekend was the Webkinz Extravaganza and of course we had to go to our local Webkinz retailer. My main goal was to get B clothes & bows but her goal was to score Webkinz and well she did. We left the store toting 3 new Webkinz and a super cute leopard print carrier. B now has a grand total of 9 webkinz. Wow! It looks like a webkinz invasion on her bed.

Then it was on to the tastiest part of the weekend. Let My People Eat….. Chametz. It was officially the end of Passover and at sundown we met the Jacobs family at Savastanos to for the BEST Chicago deep-dish pizza in the world! (or the best in my neck of the woods) -This pizza is cheese-a-riffic! It also adds a little junk to the trunk so I will be putting in some over-time on the treadmill to make up for it.

Sunday evening we hung out with the Zelkinds for more pizza (New York style this time). They just purchased 2 new Wiis and while C was fixing their computer B and I played games on the Wii. (C & Mr.Dr. Z came to play with us to break from the computer repairs.) Let me just say, I am hooked! I want one sooooo bad. I played the tennis, boxing & bowling games. Tennis was kinda fun and the boxing game will give you a major workout but for me the bowling was like game system crack. I totally rocked at it also. On my first game, I bowled 163!!! Can I get a woohoo?!?! Oh yeah, and I have to brag, C only bowled a 133 on his first game. So Score for team Kally!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Not Feeling Like a Ninja Today

Yeah, I know I am supposed to come up with something yet it is not happening. Today my brain feels like scrambled eggs & matzah = confused & gross. The reason.....Allergies!

Anyone who suffers from allergies gets me on this one. The pollen count here is so high that I am reduced to an all out mess in Kally form. This means absolutely no effort for make-up, hair-fixing or great attention to clothes. I am certain if a picture was taken of me that it would have that black strip across my eyes and land me right in the middle of the DON'T section of the last page of my favorite magazine.

*Left field thought of the day: I have been thinking about up coming summer weather and attire and wishing I had a tan. -Normally I am 1 of 2 shades: Linen White or Lobster Red.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Update/So Many Seders

It’s Monday and so far the Seder count is:

Me: 3
B: 4

Seder #1: A couple of weeks ago B & I went to the Women’s Seder at the Temple. This was freakin’ awesome because no boys/men were allowed! (Plus it was a dessert Seder. Yea, no gefilte fish!

Seder #2: Saturday Night -The Family Seder: Our family & many other families were invited by friends from temple to their family Seder. Approximately 50 people attended this Seder. (Glad I didn’t have to cook!) The food was more traditional but the setting was still pretty laid back. **This is when I started to get Seder Burn-Out.**
The family owns a couple of very hairy and shedding dogs that wandered around the room while the Seder was in progress. Of course, my allergies decided to flare up. I went bed with stuffy ears and nose. Gross. :(

Seder #3: The Temple’s Congregational Seder: Thank goodness I was able to help serve and clean up. –Really- it made everything seem to go along much faster. The food was good and the conversation was GREAT! Glad we got to sit with the Jacobs and Cook families. I jokingly told JJ I thought we were placed in the “loud section” because of the kids.
My allergies were still crazy because of some bug spray/ perfume that continuously wafted in my general direction.

Today I am barely making it through the day because of ye old allergies.

**Sooooooo….I have been to so MANY Seders that my pee still smells like grape juice! (I just can’t bring myself to drink 4 cups of Manischewitz.)

**B went to her school Seder Friday, which I was told was an hour and ½ long. Way too much for kids to bear! –Only my opinion.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's Still Ninja Thursday (barely)

Almost forgot....What makes you a ninja this week?

me: I got $250 knocked off a procedure just for speaking my mind and expressing my expectations. Yea me!

Oral Surgery on the Horizon

Helpful Definitions

diastema - space between teeth (particularly between the top two front teeth)
frenum - a fold of tissue or muscle that connects the lips or tongue to the jawbone
frenectomy - the procedure done to remove one of these folds of tissue

I went to the Orthodontist today for a tune-up. I am now sporting a chain across my top teeth again.
6 moths ago I told Ortho Doc that my regular dentist recommended I get a frenomectomy. Ortho Doc was reluctant to accept that my frenum was the cause of upper spacing. He felt it was due to: bite, tongue thrust, etc. Not The Frenum!

}}Fast Forward to Today
I am sitting in the chair having bite and tongue thrust tests done to determine the cause of the offending diastema when Ortho Doc quietly says to me.....I think it's the frenum.

What the @*/@*\ ?!?!
I kindly but firmly inform him DUH! After further consultation he decided to knock some of the $ off the cost of the procedure I will have done.
April 29th I will have a frenectomy along with the removal of excess tissue behind my teeth.

This will be done with LASERS! Gulp.
I admit I am slightly freaking about the whole laser thing. I promptly questioned Ortho Doc about his skills with a laser. I don't want to lose a lip or anything. Gulp gulp gulp.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Purim Penguin

I know it's a little late but here is a pic of B with her penguin mask she created.

Purses in the Parking Lot?

My supervisor just came in my office to tell me that there is a guy in our parking lot selling purses out of the trunk of his car! I am almost tempted to go check it out. How wicked is that of me? Anyone else up for an original Prado, Croach or Kate Spud handbag?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Update

Okay so this might be a little boring to read about but it was anything but boring for me to live.

Saturday: We prepared, along with many others, for Miss B's school's annual auction. This was interesting because at first it seemed like we were running around like chickens with heads cut off. As the time passed, it all just seemed to come together. -Believe me, this was because a lot of time and effort was put in by the two awesome co-chairs. Ladies, You Rock!

Sunday aka Mitzvah Day/Awards Ceremony/Auction Day: Let me start out with a big WHEW!-Am I glad that day is in the can.

I started out with Mitzvah Day activities. My 1st grade Sunday School class collected stuffed animals for policemen to give to children in crisis. We also made a thank you card and decorated cookies for the policemen. Don't tell anyone but I am pretty sure the kids got to eat/sneak a few cookies. This was I blast! I hope to do it again next year.
At mid-day we made it/rushed to the JCC to see Bailey receive an award for a Purim Mask Making Contest. She won 4th Place in her division. Go B!
After a quick but much needed break we came back to the J for the school's auction. I placed bids on a few items but was out-bid every time =( I am much better at eBay auctions =)

Now here I am today trying to get work done but for some reason I am WORN OUT!

My Signature

I am super excited. I found a site where I could add my signature at the end of a post so I am trying it out.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Thank God Tomorrow Is Shabbat! I am ready for a break.

***If anyone needs a project for Mitzvah Day on Sunday, my class will be baking cookies at the Temple then heading towards Target to purchase stuffed animals for the policemen to put in their cars for kids. Really, cookies and shopping, who can turn that down?***

Ninja Thursday!

What have you done lately to display your "Mad Ninja Skills"?

ex: Kally -I have started and successfully handled this blog without the help or knowledge of my computer savy husband.

Mad Ninja Skills may include:
  • A goal you have reached
  • A work in progress you feel super excited about
  • Sometimes just making it til Friday can be a Mad Ninja Skill
  • You name it

My mini mad ninja skill for today is that I remembered to fix my daughter's hair and pack her lunch for school. (It has been a busy week and I forgot to do both Tuesday.)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Where the Heck Does Blogger Get Their Time From?

After making my last post I noticed at the bottom "posted at 7:21 am. What?!?! My computer correctly lists the time as 9:42am CST. Just wondering if blogger has a set time for a time zone other than mine and how can I correct this? Any suggestions?

Construction, Moving and More

The construction continues. I had to scramble on Friday to pack and move everything from my office to a storage room by 12:30pm. I was told my office would be finished over the weekend and ready for me to move back in this last Monday. To make things short, not much finishing was done over the weekend. Monday everything in my office was in the same shape I left it Friday. What work was I going to be able to do with everything packed away? Better yet, where was I to work? I couldn't work in the empty office. After the leasing company suggested I work in the jam packed storage room, my supervisor finally laid the smack down. Wooooohoooo! By the end of the day on Monday the leasing company found an empty office for me to use for the remainder of the time it takes to "finish" my office.

I am happy to report I have my computer, printer, fax machine and copier cleaned of sheet rock dust and set up in my temporary office. ......I just found out I will have to pack everything back up and move it back to my permanent office Friday morning. Ugh!!!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Family Pic/ Say Cheese

A friend of mine emailed me this pic of all of us and I really like it even with Mr C's scary red eyes.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Where is My Construction Hat?

Some of you may know, the building my office is in has been under construction with me inside trying to work. (I am on the 3rd floor.) At first I was told the construction/designs would not affect my office. Wow! Have things changed!
As I approached my office, Monday morning, with my key in hand I realized I wouldn't need my key. My door to my office was gone. To be more specific the walls to my office were incognito also. Later I found my door leaning against a wall of some other tenant's office. I was left with two walls: one looking outside and another separating me from my supervisors. Some may think "big deal, you have a semi-cubicle." Not so much. Wires were hanging from the ceiling. There is sheet rock dust everywhere. I no longer had a light switch but lucky for me my lights were magically still on. The worst part in all was that the wall separating me from "the loud guy" next door was also missing. Oh no, was I doomed to listening to a days worth of High School football information....THIS LOUD? Thanks to a few very kind construction workers I now have one layer sheet rock walls separating me from the loud guy. I can still hear EVERY word he says but at least I have some sense of privacy.
Today I have my long lost door back and hopefully by the end of the week I will have a light switch and my last wall in place.


Welcome to all who have come to join me in the organized chaos that is my life and the things I love and the things I don't love.