Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Little....Gangster?

In case you were wondering Miss B has decided to donate her hair to Beautiful Lengths. We are thinking about getting her hair cut the first weekend of December. In the meantime she will be looking for a fab new style to sport.

I know this is super late to update you on but here is what B was for Halloween….

Did you guess Gangster? Well, that was what the costume packaging said BUT everyone that saw her thought she was something else. When someone would ask her what she was going to be she would say in her fast little voice… “I am supposed to be a gangster but what I really look like is a Pimp!!!!” When asked if she knew what a pimp was she would respond, “Nope, but I know I look like one!

***This wonderful pic was taken by my photog friend. Many Thanks to Kitmac Photography for giving me permission to post this awesome pic!!!***


Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I have some folks at work who need to learn a lesson or two. Maybe the little gangster can drop by to see them!

Unknown said...

She could sport a little bob that is long in the front and short in the back and then a side swooping bang.

Just a though.

You guys busy on the 6th of Dec?

Making lamb at my house!

Something In The Glass said...

What a cutie...that is so special that she wants to donate her hair. You are raising a very compassionate child and must be very proud!!!

Jenny said...

She is adorable. What a cute, cute picture. I wonder if that's OK to say about a gansta? Thank you for the smile.