Friday, October 15, 2010

Dear Anonymous,

Your comments are driving me crazy! I have yet to figure out if you are a RL person or just a bot BUT either way this must stop NOW. Everyone expects the random "Special Medicine for Men" comments or even a rude remark every blue moon but these nonsensical comments are maddening. Please start your own blog and leave mine alone ...because this blog is mine and for my still faithful readers/friends who check in on me.
- Kally

***For those who are wondering, yes I am still here and well. Many things have been going on. The worst was the unfortunate loss of my camera :( - I don't know what happened to the thing I have either
(a) lost it in my tiny apartment
(b) left it at the coffee shop we frequent after the farmers market
(c) left it at the Indian restaurant I love.

I have been reluctant to blog without the eye candy to go with my words. Sorry, I know, I suck.

Tonight I am sick with some yucky cold the Mr passed on to me. I am in bed nursing the most wonderful hot toddy. -Made by me! If it kills this cold I will gladly pass on the recipe to all in need. - Strike nursing, I just downed the rest....I think I just might need another. If it doesn't kill the cold at least it will make for an interesting evening. Groundhog Day on the squawk box, a hot toddy in hand, words for my bloggy friends & texting a friend who is also sick....what else does a girl need?
....Oh yeah, her health. Lets hope we are all feeling better soon.

Love to all!

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