Monday, September 21, 2009

Drinks, Food, Place-Check! People & Time.......ummm

It is only Monday and I am already wishing for the weekend.
Why? you ask.
Well, It must be all the frozen, mixed drinks I have waiting for a Girls Night...OF COURSE!!!!
I have had some rockin' times with my fam & all of our friendlies BUT I am ready to boot the Mr & the Monkey (B) out the door and invite the girls in for chick flicks, snacky things & frou frou drinks. In PDX we had a blast watching movies the Mr would describe as "drinking tea & talking about feelings flicks" with a plate of cookies and whatever drink you want in hand. I soooooo need to have one of these nights here and SOON.

I have the apartment cleaned, the fridge stocked with food & bevs. I am ready :)
........Now all I have to do is round up the local girls and decide on a time.


Jen said...

Girls' night out sounds like fun!! :)

Eggo said...

ooohhh, sounds like heaven.

pixie said...

LOVE Girls Night! If I lived closer I'd invite myself!

Unknown said...

I´m there!Especially if the cookies are warm!

Rachel said...

Hope ya'll had a great time!