Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Welcome Back From the Cold

Today was my first day of re-entrance to the land of the living. Yeah, that cold really took me down for the count. So what does one do while feeling like poo? I don't know about you but for me there was:

1 - Down 1 bottle of green Nyquil - (not all at once) That NASTEEEE Gak will kill almost anything.
2 - Go through 2 boxes of kleenex with aloe. - I have blown my nose so many times the skin around my nostrils is all gross, dried & flaky. (Real lovely.)
3 - Get 3 FULL days of rest. I slept most of Saturday, Sunday & Monday. (I kind of felt like Rip Van Winkle when I got to work this morning and realized so much had happened while I was sleeping.)
4 & 5 - Drink 4 - maybe 5 hot toddies. Enough said right?

And while one is sick, one must give up their beloved Bravo-lebrities for ridiculous amounts of online television. Let's say something like 2 entire seasons of Gossip Girl could be just what the doctor ordered. I swear, at the end of season 2, when Chuck told Blair he loved her, I felt 5 degrees of better. Don't judge me. ...I know you have your weakness as well - you can spill your guilty pleasures in my comments. I can't wait to hear what chases your colds & flu away.

Love to all.

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KaLlY the HBIC said...

hey girl! my name is kally too!!! OMFG!