Monday, November 10, 2008

Don't Ask what I am Singing

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Okay, so I heard this great song on a podcast last week. I loved it. The sound really reminds me of some great 80s bands I loved. Then I heard the song played again on Saturday Night Live. Now, I seriously can't get it out of my head. I keep half humming, half singing this song and I am scared half to death one of the supervisors is going to ask me the name of the song I am singing.

What is the song you ask?
Answer: Sex on Fire

It is by Kings of Leon and I love it BUT I don't think my boss would like to hear me singing "Your Sex is on Fire."

So, What song are you embarrassed to say you are singing?


Jen said...

That's one of my current favorites too. :) Zeki will eat his baby food if I sing "Da Butt" - you know "Hey sexy, sexy! Ain't nothing wrong, if you wanna do the butt all night long!" It makes him laugh and open his mouth so I can shovel the food in. Whatever works!

Meaghan said...

Thank you so much for voicing your support! It frustrates me that there is someone out there like Darryl who refuses to tell the whole story but says he is. If he were to write a post on my blog about how he does not believe in the vaccine I would put it up because I think its important for everyone's views to be heard. Not only did he refuse to post my comment he sent me that insulting email...ugh...really upset me, probably too much!

You cannot know how much your support means to me. Its not easy to put myself out there, I am very sensitive and protective of my cancer. Its even harder when I have to deal with jerks like Darryl!

Deborah דְּבוֹרָה said...

I did enter, or I tried to....I commented then told you I did...

I lurve you.

but from what you've told me of your boss, I think he might think it actually quite funny were you to sing that song!! hahaha!

Rhea said...

I sometimes sing Martika...but I don't let anyone hear me. Shh!!

ZenMom said...

Hahahahaha. The other day, I found myself in the copyroom at my office singing a song from the Imagination Movers" - my 4 year old's current favorite show. Yeah. I'm a mom.