Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Memories

Is it too terrible that we didn't take a single picture on Thanksgiving? Oh well, nothing I can do about it now. I will just have to tell you about it then.

We went most of the day with friends and had a wonderful dinner in between random rounds of Rock Band. I am NOT musical so I played groupie while the Mr switched back and forth from guitar to drums and (cover your ears) lead vocals. Miss B played bass guitar once and decided that was enough for her and off she went upstairs to play with the other little girl there. We arrived home late and fell asleep soon after. I was surprised the tryptophan didn't seem to have an effect on me throughout the day. Little did I know it would wait for me. I swear I spent most of Friday in turkey -coma. I barely rolled out of bed at close to 5pm to meet some friends for dinner. Can turkey affects wait to hit the next day?

Today we are all doing fine....and awake. Miss B had a friend stay the night and they have played NON-STOP. Tonight we are supposed to go to a Pow Wow in Gresham (I think) for B's school. I have never been to a Pow Wow before. I will try to remember the camera tonight and get some great pics of all the goings on.


Jen said...

Love your desktop wallpaper! Glad you all are having a great Thanksgiving. I want Rock Band so I'm jealous!

Veggie Mom said...

We didn't take any TG photos, either, but there's a funny one today at Melissa B.'s place. -- one thing's for sure, though...we've been eating WAY too much this weekend!

Deborah דְּבוֹרָה said...

I'm jelly of your background cause it's the only Jewish one on that site! Pretty though!

email me your address so I can get something in the mail for you, ok?

kol tuv! and kisses!

Veggie Mom said...

Hey, I'm Sharing Some Linky Love with you over at my place...please come Check. It. Out!