Friday, June 13, 2008

Death by Doughnuts!

This morning I am happily blogging from the Portland office of Computer Company. It's kinda warehouse-y but it has potential. Upon arriving at the office this morning I spied 3 gorgeous pink boxes and what did I find inside but the most amazing and tasty doughnuts from a little place called Voodoo Doughnut where the doughnuts are killer! Below are a couple of pics of these yummy and most likely super fattening goodies. -Never mind I put one above for you to enjoy and yes those are pieces of fruit loops and captain crunch on those doughnuts!-I highly recommend if you are in the area to try one or more of these delectable doughnuts.

I am getting ahead of myself though most likely due to the self induced sugar euphoria I am in. Yesterday I awoke at stupid o'clock in the morning (3:30am to be exact) to finish packing and catch the plane. I thought I had everything together and was out the door with time to spare when, a mile away, I realized I had left my boarding passes on the couch. D'oh!!!! So I rushed back into the house grabbed the passes and was back out the door. I ended up at the airport with minimal drama and was on the plane in a heartbeat. The first half of the trip was smooth although I broke down and ended up joining the line of pee pee dancers waiting to use the airplane facilities aka the moving porta-potty. (Really nasty!!!!) There was an hour delay added to the layover before the second plane. When allowed, boarding this plane took FOREVER and then we waited one slow browsing of a People magazine before finally taking off. The flight was a little rough but I made it to Portland in one piece and Mr C surprised me by picking me up at the PDX Airport. What a sweetie he is and he looked really fancy carrying my pink luggage to the train we took to downtown. Computer Company paid for a FANTASTIC dinner for us at a pretty swank restaurant with everything even a French sounding waiter. (I can't claim the accent was for real since I have never heard a real French accent and if I have I probably wasn't paying attention.)

.......I am back I had to run away for a second because the company had us go on a boat called the Portland Spirit which was amazing. Mr C took a ton of pics during the time we spent on deck. (He has totally bogarted the camera this entire trip.)

Below is one of the beautiful views we had from the boat.

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