Monday, June 9, 2008

Even More Updates

Here I go again with even more updates:

This last week: Usually I try to keep my days separate but this last week has been too much of a whirl wind for me to keep things that organized.

I started the new job at the Computer Company and love it. The people are really nice and everything is pretty laid back. I took a couple of pics that I will post later tonight.

I went to dinner with a couple from Computer Co. We had Savastanos and had the wonderfully cheesy pizza.

******Mr E: you might want to skip this little bit*********
Friday Computer Company had all employee all day long meetings. They were stinkin' awesome. Most people would dread all day long company meetings but these were actually interesting and BONUS: there was a constant influx of food and snacks. After the meetings families and spouses were invited to a dinner. This was done outside and before the dinner a group of us decided to walk one of the "forest/nature trails." About half of the way down the trail one of the guys found a tick on his leg. Then us girls started to freak, imagining little creepy crawlies sucking blood from god knows where on our bodies. We looked at our legs and decided we were tick-free and continued with the walk. About 5 minutes later that same guy finds another tick on his leg. Another freak-out session ensued. Finally we ate dinner and everyone mingled while the kids played in the wilderness. Now this kind of strikes me as ironic that we couldn't stand the thought of a tick on us but when the kids were all like "mommy, daddy, mommy, daddy", we quickly sent them to play in the brush. After all of the outside events we were all pretty nasty smelling so upon arriving home I stripped down to shower and what did I find but a disgusting tick crawling on my rear end. This really brings a new meaning to meaning to the thought "ticks suck a$$!!!!!"

Saturday: I ran errands for the scouting trip to Portland I will be going on this week. I leave Thursday at stupid o'clock in the morning. Why is it the flight out is always sooooooo early?" I tried to get most of my packing done so I didn't have to do everything last minute but I am certain I will be running around crazy Wednesday night.

Sunday: I slept half of this day away after an unhappy trip to iHop for brunch. (They had run out of half of what is on their menu. I was extremely unhappy with this. My choices were left at eggs and pancakes or eggs and pancakes. I had to make it hard and ask for crepes. Wouldn't you know they were almost out of those too so I ended up with a half-order of crepes. Late in the evening I helped Miss B make her own single serving of home-made ice cream. She had a lot of fun making it and even more fun eating it. Email me if you are interested in the recipe for this.

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