Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So Che -More like So Chuck

I had a great weekend filled with friends and fun. My Mcfriend and her family came to town for her conversion on Sunday which was awesome. I tried not to cry but failed as the happy tears rolled down my cheeks. Congrats Mcfriend to and Lil Mc too. Later we went to the used bookstore to waste time before meeting up with the Es. Miss B was so cute with Lil Mc. She went to the coffee area of the place and successfully ordered and paid for cotton candy smoothies for herself and Lil Mc. They sat down at their own table and drank their smoothies together while looking at a book called First Thousand Words in Hebrew. They were so good just talking and playing together.

We caught up with the E family at Cosmos and all of the kids played together in the toys so the adults could chat. Those of us who had sandwiches got apple slices as a side to give to the kids. I have never seen kids rally for apples like these three did. Big surprise of the night: The kids were kind of cleaning up the toys as they played. By the time we left there weren't that many for us to put up. Mrs E told me about a Panel Discussion going on Monday evening. I had planned to go but......

This brings me to Monday. Mr C and I went for lunch with a friend (Press Guy) and normally I wouldn't bash a place of business but in this case I will make an exception. We were supposed to be dining at a little place downtown called SoChe. My experience there Sosucked. First off, I was really hungry at 11:30am so by the time lunch rolled around at 12:30pm I was starving. I practically ran to this place. Mr C ordered a burger, Press Guy ordered a sandwich, I asked for pasta with veggies. (Does any of this sound complicated to you?) After an hour passed with me still sipping my water, I started to get mad. I felt like tackling the waitress and biting her, I was so hungry. Ten more minutes pass and the waitress approaches our table with a scared look on face as she tells me, the angry-hungry one, my food is not finished cooking. Apparently there was an incident in the kitchen and the manager was cooking for the day and they were out of pasta. She knew this from the get-go and didn't warn me until I have wasted over an hour in this place. Grrrrrrrr! She offered to make me a flat bread sandwich for free. I asked if Mr C and Press Guy's food was finished cooking for her to just bring it out. She did and shortly after brought me something the size of an envelope with chunks of mozzarella on it (my downfall), one tomato slice cut in half and dried leaves sprinkled on it. It was not a meal but an appetizer and a sad one at that. I ate it anyway since I was so hungry. Seriously that waitress could have put something in front of me and told me it was poison and I would have devoured it. Afterwards I was still hungry and unhappy. Last night my stomach was in knots from the mozzarella. (the whole lactose intolerance thing got in the way) I should have known not to eat it when the waitress informed me it was fresh but at the time I didn't care. Well, we live and learn or at least I hope I do.


Jen said...

Wow, that place sounds like it sucks. Thanks for the tip!
Glad you didn't make it to the panel last night though - I wasn't looking for an audience. ;)
Hope to see you Friday!

Deborah said...

I am so so SO glad you shared that special day with us! I love you!