Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Finally, It's the Pics

I haven't had much going on lately so I thought I would share more cool pictures of PDX.

Here are the Portland pics I wanted taken. I thought Chinatown was soooooo cool. I told Miss B all about it and now she is campaigning for us to take her there so she can decorate her new room (when we move) with all things symbolic and nature-like.

Now on to those pics...

On our last evening in Portland we went to a nice dinner and then indulged in a little Ben & Jerry's sweetness. On the way we came across this guy. I wonder what he used to get all silvery?

And to end our evening and trip we walked back to the hotel and I spotted police car flashing lights. At first I thought "somebody is having a bad night." Then I realized it was a parade. Wooooohooooo! We would get to see a parade before we left. Well here is a pic from the parade we watched pass by.

Whow! Totally didn't expect that one did you? I didn't either. Half of these ladies were making the march topless but wouldn't you know the batteries on our camera died after the first picture was taken. I have never in my entire life seen so many female naughty bits in one place (that I did not want to see). Crazy enough, we watched the whole parade march on by. The funniest part for me was the drunk people partying across the street trying to encourage more to take off their shirts, like it was Mardi Gras or something. I kept feeling like I should have some of those kiddie beaded necklaces to throw.


Eggo said...

The Dyke march pic is AWESOME! Can tell you're not in T-Town anymore!

brotayjax said...

I feel like good things are ahead for the Russell family! Keep us posted so we can live vicariously through you...

Jen said...

Neat that there's a China town there. I'm jealous!!