Monday, June 16, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

We are back and even though the humidity and crazy high temps are killer, I am happy to be here. The one thing I find ironic is: the entire time I was in PDX the weather was awesome, chilly in the mornings and evenings and somewhere in the mid 70s for the better part of the day. Then I woke up this morning to hear
-what was that?- yes, RAIN and lots of it. Pretty funny!

I really enjoyed my time in PDX. The food there is outstanding and the shopping is even better.

More on the food: Although we were eating at some of the more upscale places (Thanks Computer Co!) Mr C and I did stop at a couple of non-chain affordable eateries. Downtown is full of places like these yummy and sometimes a little greasy food stops. ****Places to go: Old Town Pizza and Ford's (sandwhich shop)

Shopping: Downtown has some cool little shops to browse through but I love my malls. Let me restate that: I LOVE MY MALLS! It is a sick obsession of mine that anytime I am visiting another city or state, I HAVE to hit the local malls. I found the one closest to our hotel the first night I was there without the aide of a map or other helpful directions. I just knew it was there. I told Mr C (and it's the truth) I can smell a mall a mile away! I liked this mall so much I went back and got Miss B some goodies from the Coach and Kate Spade Stores.

The traveling was okay but I am serously hating Southwest Airlines right now. Remember the brand new, super cute, pink luggage? Southwest ripped a hole in the back fabric of it. I was so PO'd! I went to the baggage complaint area and informed them of their crude mishandling of my luggage. Can you believe they tried to question whether it might be considered normal wear and tear at first. What the heck? Normal wear & tear is getting your luggage dirty not ripping holes in it. They then told me that they could send it to their home office to be "repaired" but it would only get a patch slapped on it and end up looking "ugly." I really dislike Southwest for their disregard for my property and if I ever have to fly SW again I will only bring a carry-on. If any of you frequent flyers/travelers have experienced something along these lines and have some advice, please let me know. I did file a complaint/report with Southwest and took pics of the damage.

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