Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Here are the current round of updates.

Saturday: We went to the Farmer's Market with the E's and had a great time looking at all of the fresh goods available. I bought so many different kinds of spices. I think the spices there are the best. Walmart could not even dream of touching these spices. After the market we went to a place on Cherry Street for coffee and tea. I totally didn't realize the fancy caramel coffee I was inhaling had milk in it. With me being somewhat lactose intolerant this was NOT a good thing. I definitely paid for it later with an extremely upset stomach. I still managed to bake some cookies and hang with friends at the Jacobs Family home for dinner. It was funny how the women ended up inside chatting while the men happily stayed outside. The kids played a make believe game of "princesses" but they sounded more like a heard of giggling screaming water buffalo tromping around upstairs. --Please keep in mind that I have never in my life heard a water buffalo giggle or scream. I am only imagining.

When I got home I finally watched Notting Hill which I had borrowed from Mr. E. I thought it was okay. The movie has Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in it as the two main characters who fall in love with crazy events and people around them. I really like Hugh Grant in this type of movie. ie: Music & Lyrics. It almost makes me forget the whole Divine Brown thing and see him as more than just some pervy actor.

Sunday: We went to pick up Miss B from the MIL's house. Most people would plan ahead and check the weather reports to see if a horrendous storm would be rushing through the area. Not us. We left the house and it was lightly sprinkling and by the time we were well on the trip, on the turnpike, it was raining so hard and so much we had to pull over to the side of the road and pray that a semi wasn't going to smack our little sedan. The praying must have worked because in no time at all we were back on the turnpike. When we got to the city it was all bright and sunshiny and 90 freakin degrees. Only in OK.

When we got back home we realized the storm hit much harder in our town. Trees were ripped out of the ground. Privacy fences were torn apart and blown across lawns. Many lost power. We found our patio furniture in the middle of the front yard and the electricity was out. This was a terrible storm. No tornadoes were involved in this mass destruction.

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Eggo said...

Guess we need to try the soy milk for you next time!

Mrs. E