Monday, April 13, 2009

Bits & Pieces

Twilight night was a blast!!! Now I am counting the days until New Moon is finished and in the theaters. Hanging out with the girls was so much fun I am racking my brain for other movies we can get together to watch.

Yesterday I made it out to ULTA to get my makeup fix. I swear that store is like crack. I can't go a month without making a trip there for something. I went there on a mascara mission this time. I have been wanting to try out the new-ish Loreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes Mascara for awhile now because I have been feeling like my lashes could use a bit of a boost lately. So I grabbed a tube of this and headed home to try it out. I applied the mascara to one I could compare the diff.
**This stuff is definitely a clubbing mascara or one you would want to wear for a photo shoot maybe. The one side of my face was some face paint, glitter and a platinum dye job away from turning me into Lady Gaga! On the bright side this mascara was easily removed with water and I didn't lose any lashes in the process.

It is Monday and I am already crazy with anticipation for the weekend. Why? (you ask) ....because I am going to the coast!!!! We are taking a long weekend to visit the Mr's place of birth. How exciting right? Well, even more exciting is that This will be my VERY First time to see the ocean (any ocean for that matter). Now I know the OR coast is not a place for swimming but I am hoping to bring back a couple of shells at least.

I have been putting off updating some stuff on the blog lately like the way outdated blog roll, my running & reading tracking, new pod casts I am know, that sort of thing. If you want a spot on the new and updated blog roll to come, please let me know and if by mistake I leave someone out...definitely let me know. I am doing this stuff in bits and pieces and I am bound to goof up somewhere.

Just wanted to let y'all know that today I will be enjoying some yummy matzo ball soup Miss B and the MIL made. Aren't they some sweeties?

OMG!!! I totally forgot. I might have jury duty! I got some sort questionnaire in the mail a couple of weeks back instructing me to fill it out with my trusty #2 pencil and send it back. It is crazy. I had lived all of my life in Oklahoma without having to serve jury duty once and I haven't lived in Oregon for a year yet and the state is already checking me out for honor :) If I do get picked I hope everything goes quickly.


Lisa said...

Ulta is my favorite! It is definitely crack.

Tanielle said...

The Oregon coast is sooo beautiful! Have a great time, I am jealous! Never heard of Ulta. I'll have to look it up!

Have a great day!


Something In The Glass said...

Where are you going on the Coast? You HAVE to go back in the summer (where there are more consistently sunny days...) and drive up 101. It's a really beautiful drive.

Don't forget me on your blog roll!

Kally said...

We are going to Bandon. I hear the beach is beautiful there.

Jen said...

Put me on the blog roll!
If you loved Twilight (how can you not?), you'll love Outlander. It makes Edward & Bella's romance look like kiddie play. :)

Deborah דְּבוֹרָה said...

first, that mascara you say is for clubbing sounds like something I would personally want to wear daily...but you know me, haha!

and you forgot hot pants. you need hot pants.

I have Sephora here, but no Ulta. I thought I'd love Sephora, but no, I like my Ulta.

Unknown said...

I just want to let you know I got my gift card in the mail thank you so much!

Have fun a the beach take lots of pictures!

Jess said...

Ugh! I love Ulta too! It is not good for my wallet that it's right next to the scrapbook store here... but it's also next to Golf Galaxy, so luckily my DH will happily take me. :) Enjoyed your post!