Wednesday, April 1, 2009

AI Popstars?

Last night's American Idol was pretty okay with some obvious stand-out performances and some I really wish I could have skipped. Why was I not using my ff button during those?

Anoop kicked things off with some Usher (Caught Up). I was really loving Anoop but this one really stunk for me. I get that he wants to be an R&B star but I just don't think R&B is what he is good at. I love hearing the ballads from Anoop where his voice can soar. This song left me spacing out thinking of performances past and wincing when I came back to the present. Sorry Anoop: -1

Megan Joy
sang Turn Your Lights Down Low while the Mr was hollering at me to turn the sound down low. I guess I had it a little loud? Nothing about this performance was good for me. The girl is starting to get on my nerves. Every time she has her pre-song interview she says "I really love this song." It seems America doesn't really love the songs she does. She keeps landing in the bottom 3. Why doesn't Megan listen to the judges suggestions of songs/artists she should cover??? -1

Danny Gokey
touched my heart last night with the emotion in his song, What Hurts the Most. I felt he really connected with the song and with the audience as well. Loved it!!!! +1

When I heard Scott MacIntyre was going to do a Billy Joel song I wanted to jump with JOY! Love, Love, Loved his version of Just the Way You Are!!!! I liked it so much I decided a instant replay was in order. The Mr took off his headphones long enough to listen and he agreed....It was Fan-Freakin-Tastic!!! +1

I was Crazy-Surprised by Kris Allen with his rendition of Ain't No Sunshine. Until now all I referred to him as Tender Dawg. (Remember when Randy called him this?) Believe me, I won't be forgetting his name now! +1

Middle of the Roadies for me were Allison & Adam. The first half of Allison's song was good but she lost me on the last half -too much shouting is not good girlie. Adam's song was interesting and I really appreciated the absence (2 weeks in a row) of the guy-liner. +1/2

Judging the Judges
Kara still needs to work on those numbers. I may be wrong but I could swear that it was Studio 54?

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Something In The Glass said...

I'm SO with you about Kris Allen. I love that song SO MUCH and he just made it even better...