Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In the Movies

Last night American Idol was all about the movies right down to the vocal coach, Quentin Tarantino. Like the movies sometimes it's a thumbs up and sometimes a thumbs down. For me, last night was a thumbs downer. Most everyone bored me to tears. The 2 and 1/2 exceptions were Allison, Adam, and Anoop. The rest of them were pretty much "meh" for me. (A very unenthusiastic meh at that.)

Here is my mini rundown:
Allison sang I Don't Want to Miss a Thing. Normally I HATE this song (it just gets on mah nerves) but I liked her low key build up. I think I like Allison a little more each week. I just wonder if it is her talent I appreciate or how much I love rooting for an underdog. (+1)

Uh Oh! It was Return of the Guy-liner!!!! I still don't dig the emo/goth-ish look for Adam but I did love his version of Born to Be Wild. Yep folks. You read that right. I loved something Adam sang. I found Simon's comparison of Adam's performance to Rocky Horror hilarious. (I love Rocky Horror so maybe it makes sense that I loved this?) (+1)

Anoop was pretty good with his rendition of Everything I Do, I Do It for You but Dang! Couldn't he have picked a better ballad than that smarmy Bryan Adams song? (+1/2)

Danny was meh with Endless Love.
Matt & Kris weren't any better. What? Another Bryan Adams song?!?! Come ON!!!!

And out comes Lil. Somehow she scored the "Money Spot" on the show and she chooses to sing The Rose. Lil's performance was okay. Nothing I would write home about BUT her attitude when getting judged made me want to give her the boot right then and there. When a contestant argues with the judges I think they should get booted by default. (-1)


Jen said...

I don't watch that, but did you see Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent??? She's AMAZING!

Susie Q said...

JEN! You beat me to it....did you hear? They have closed the comments apparently as they go to infinity and earlier the counter locked up at 6.7M views.....I suspect she'll get her dream (they can always do hair and eyebrows) but you cannot fake that voice. I have cried over songs, but the only other VOICE I have cried over was my daughter's...DH said the we'd buy ALL of her CDs immediately. :D

It's gonna be so much fun to watch her.