Friday, April 10, 2009


Last night the Mr decided to cook some steaks on the George Faux-man grill. (I know not even the real thing. Steaks are supposed to be done outside BUT it was raining and we still have not purchased a new grill yet sooo forgive us.) Well....the Mr tried a different spice on the steaks, a Jamaican jerk, one we purchased from the farmer's market in Tulsa. He was totally clueless as to how much spice to use so being the over-achieving man that he is he just went bananas with it. Spice was rubbed into the steaks and sprinkled HEAVILY on both sides. After one bite the Mr's face started to turn red and I could swear he started to sweat. He looked at me and apologized for the steak Miss B and I would NOT be able to eat. That was not going to stop us. We are some stubborn girls. Both Miss B and I loaded our plates with some steak and dug in. .....the Mr was right. Not only was the steak fiery enough to burn my lips, mouth, throat and make my nose start to run it was tough too. I gamely kept chewing and chewing and chewing....yeah, that wasn't going to work. We gave back the steaks and I remembered when Miss B was little she would ask for her Daddy to make Mis-Steaks for us to eat :) I kindly told the Mr maybe he could use the meat to make a stew and B enthusiastically agreed....."yes, dad you could used the meat to make a shoe!!!" Oh my, how I love that girl of mine.....when the joke is not on me, of course.

***Other stuff going on at the Casa de Kally: Tonight is Twilight Night!!! I bought the DVD & I am having some girls over for drinks, dinner & some fantastic vampire angsty lust. *Little girls will be banished to the upstairs and drugged with Disney :)


Jen said...

LMAO - love Bailey's pun!
I want to come to your Twilight party! Where did I put my private jet?

Eggo said...

I wanna come, too!! Can we share a jet? Love that Jerk seasoning, but you have to use it SPARINGLY! Cherry St. farmer's market is opening tomorrow! Wish you guys could meet us there and then coffee afterwards...sigh.

Jan Holt said...

What a cute story. I've cooked plenty of "mis-steaks" in my time too! Hope you have a great time at your twilight party!
Visiting from SITS but I live in Portland too! Maybe we'll bump into each other in real life someday.

Unknown said...

I hope your Twilight night was wonderful.

I was just over at the SITS site hitting roll call and I am the type that visits the person who hit roll call right in front of me and you happen to be that person today. So, happy Monday.

Aunt Julie said...

That's why they brew Red Stripe Beer in Jamaica-do wash down all that spicy food!

Lora said...

LOL. Although I probably would have loved the mis-steaks, knowing my spicy tastes!

Visiting you from SITS today...have a great one!