Thursday, April 9, 2009

So Long Scott

Wednesday night was Scott MacIntyre's last as an American Idol contestant. Yeah, you got that right. The judges decided not to use their save on him. (I still think they are keeping the save in their pocket in the case Allison ends up with the lowest vote count.) It was surprising to see Anoop land in the bottom 3 after hearing from so many sources about how much better he was Tuesday night. Must be from that awful Usher song he sang before still scaring us away. In the end it was a pretty boring, fully expected results show.

**I did not like/love the Kellie Pickler performance last night. Every time I see her singing one thought continuously runs through my head "Stop trying to be Carrie Underwood!" Kelly looked a little tranny last night and at times a little possessed when she would bug out her eyes.....disturbing. Why did they decide to play the dumb blonde act with her yet again? Ugh!

**What was up with Paula and the opera gloves? Who dresses the judges & contestants? Now that is who really needs to be given the boot!!!!

What did you think? Did you pick Scott to go?


Lisa said...

Interesting - I actually don't think the judges would use the save on Allison. They don't seem to like her all that much. I can really only seem them using it on Lil, who is now, if you ask me, one of the two weakest links (Anoop being the other). They love Lil and it infuriates me so.

Former Fat Chick said...

They NEED to use it on Allison, she has the best voice, just needs good handlers (she is very young)

Also, don;t hate me, but I am so glad they sent Scott home...he was annoying me!

I am so over Danny, that so was horrible!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

We did not care for Kellie Pickler last night either...she's lost that really appealing natural look that we liked so much. I was OK with Scott going...he has a lot of potential but needs some vocal training. I loved his piano playing but found the vocals inconsistent.