Monday, June 29, 2009

Apartment Hunting Remotely

...and other thoughts on Moving

How fast time changes your life... A few short months ago we were searching SW Portland for a forever home and here I am today....packing up the townhouse and searching online for a short term apartment to live in (halfway across the country) while most of my belongings will live in a storage unit. I am so excited to get back to T-Town and get settled in. B is starting to get excited about yet another new school and about a million after school activities she would like to do. The Mr...well, he just wants the move to be over with and get back to work.

Since we are going to be driving the car back, I have packed a couple of bags for B and myself. These contain the usual girl stuff: Tons of clothes, about 3 pairs of shoes, a bathroom bag, a traveling pillow (or a traveling Murray in her case), a hair dryer and (most importantly) my flat iron. (I can NOT travel w/o the flat iron...I even took it with me when I went camping. ---For some reason I thought I could style my hair in the camp bathrooms....yeah.....notsomuch!) Now that B and I have all of our importants packed, I am wondering where we can fit the Mr's stuff.

***I got the long lost camera back from the Mr but the battery is dead. :( I'll get it all charged up and ready to picument our trip back :)


Jen said...

Is Bailey going to Mizel?

Something In The Glass said...

Doesn't it suck to have to find a new place remotely? I had to do that when I moved out here. Intimidating to say the least. But at least you're familiar with the city you're headed to and can easily avoid the sketchy areas! HA

You know, I'm such a big fan of yours, I had always sorta hoped we would have the chance to meet IRL. :o(

Good Luck with the move and have a SAFE DRIVE!!!

Things Mommies Love said...


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