Saturday, June 27, 2009

Coach FTW

Yesterday I had to run some last minute errands before a baby shower we are co-hosting today which included a trip to the mall :) While we were there we made a quick stop off in the Kate Spade store to get Miss B some pencils for school next year. (Yeah, I know...who gets their kid designer pencils?...I do!!! And she knows as long as she keeps doing well in school then I will continue getting her fancy pencils BUT if she does poorly then she is back to the yellow #2s.) Well, the Kate Spade store was out of pencils soooooooo B was asking to check out if the Coach store was carrying any pencils. I have NEVER seen pencils at Coach before but wouldn't you know....there was a Poppy pencil display right at the front entrance of the store!!!! B was in Big Lurve. (Coach is her fave.) A handy dandy Coach clerk pounced on what he perceived to be a potential sale. Little did he know Miss B would be the one to score. Coach Clerk asked if we were interested in the Poppy pencils so I told him of the failed KS pencil procurement and how fab it would be if we could purchase these. He then told me of how I could spend major $$$$$ to get the pencils for free. I gave him my best Not On Your Life, Pal look so he told me I could go home and become a "fan of Coach on my Facebook account print out the verification sheet & bring it back in to get the pencils at no cost." "Sorry." I told him that we were moving many states away and this would be our last trip to the mall here.

Miss B must have seen her moment and jumped at the chance. She smiled sweetly at Coach Clerk and told him of her great LOVE of all things Coach and facebook too. "I would totally become a fan of Coach on Facebook BUT ....insert super sad face..... they deleted my account a couple of weeks ago :( " Coach Clerk took one look at my sweet sad little princess and asked us to wait a second. The next thing I knew he was coming back to us with a box of pencils. The sad face transformed to sheer joy in a nanosecond and the girl about jumped through the roof. "Thank you...Thank You....THANK YOU!!!!!!!!" she squealed.

Thank you so much to the kind Coach Clerk who put a little girl's happiness above his commission.


Jen said...

Cool, love free stuff...and nice people. What happened to Bailey's FB acct?

Eggo said...

Hee hee! That miss B! Boy, I can't wait to see you guys!