Sunday, June 28, 2009

NOT the Mamma!!!!

The baby shower I co-hosted yesterday went off perfectly. The mom-to-be was showered with gifts, love and well wishes. The kids in attendance had a blast in the play area under the watchful care of Miss B. (My little girl is working on becoming a junior babysitter and doing a GREAT job!)

When I got home after helping out with the shower, I was pooped. After checking my email I left a comment on FaceCrack about how tired I was after running the baby shower......BIG MISTAKE!!!! When I checked my email a second ago I noticed a few comments asking if I was preggers?!?!?! ...WTF?!?!?! Are you kidding me??? I couldn't believe it! One of these comments was from my own brother. Um....wouldn't they think I would do better than to announce something like that on facebook? So I made another comment just now letting them know I am NOT the Mamma!!! One of my good friends here in PDX is and I am glad I was able to do this for her before I leave for T-town.

Whew! Now that I have got it out of my system, I am kinda laughing on the inside. Really... what kind of nut do they think I am?

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