Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm Getting There

Sooooooo....what was I thinking. The box free zone has totally gone out the window as well as just working on one area at a time BUT I do see progress and this makes me happy :) It is strange to see bookshelves sitting empty as well as empty dresser drawers. By the end of this week it is going to be like camping in my house. The one thing I am concerned about is what to do as far as food goes during the last few days. I really hate to go the whole fast food 3xs a day route and I think Miss B will revolt if I tell her we are going to do PB & J for every meal. Any suggestions here?

Tonight I am going to a karaoke place for a wedding reception tonight (at a karaoke place) and I am sooooo NOT prepared for this. We just purchased the gift yesterday along with wrapping paper and even MORE packing tape. The checker looked at me like I had lost my mind and said something like... "You know, you are NOT supposed to use that kind of tape when wrapping a gift???"......ummmm yeah, did this lady really think I was going to wrap this gift with heavy duty packing tape?! ....of course not I am going to make the Mr do it.

AND as if I am not crazy busy enough already I am helping to organize a baby shower for a friend to be held a few days before I leave PDX. I don't really know how much help I am at this point with all the brain drain I feel like I have. It's the thought that counts right? Let's just hope I can do more thank just think. :)


Susie Q said...

We did Subway when moving from Tx to NC...got tired of it, but it was somewhat healthier than regular fast food.

Unknown said...

You can go eat at the whole food store. There is also always the frozen lazagnia (sp?) and paper plates. Frozen corn dogs. Frozen pizza.

I can´t wait to see you guys. I tried to call you yesterday.

Eggo said...

Yup, moving stinks for eating healthy. When we moved to t-town we ate way too much Braums while setting up the kitchen! You could keep a cooler w/fruit and healthy snacks and stuff...that should be good for your road trip too! We'll be waiting here w/Joe's Mexican...