Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oral Surgery on the Horizon

Helpful Definitions

diastema - space between teeth (particularly between the top two front teeth)
frenum - a fold of tissue or muscle that connects the lips or tongue to the jawbone
frenectomy - the procedure done to remove one of these folds of tissue

I went to the Orthodontist today for a tune-up. I am now sporting a chain across my top teeth again.
6 moths ago I told Ortho Doc that my regular dentist recommended I get a frenomectomy. Ortho Doc was reluctant to accept that my frenum was the cause of upper spacing. He felt it was due to: bite, tongue thrust, etc. Not The Frenum!

}}Fast Forward to Today
I am sitting in the chair having bite and tongue thrust tests done to determine the cause of the offending diastema when Ortho Doc quietly says to me.....I think it's the frenum.

What the @*/@*\ ?!?!
I kindly but firmly inform him DUH! After further consultation he decided to knock some of the $ off the cost of the procedure I will have done.
April 29th I will have a frenectomy along with the removal of excess tissue behind my teeth.

This will be done with LASERS! Gulp.
I admit I am slightly freaking about the whole laser thing. I promptly questioned Ortho Doc about his skills with a laser. I don't want to lose a lip or anything. Gulp gulp gulp.

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