Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Update

Okay so this might be a little boring to read about but it was anything but boring for me to live.

Saturday: We prepared, along with many others, for Miss B's school's annual auction. This was interesting because at first it seemed like we were running around like chickens with heads cut off. As the time passed, it all just seemed to come together. -Believe me, this was because a lot of time and effort was put in by the two awesome co-chairs. Ladies, You Rock!

Sunday aka Mitzvah Day/Awards Ceremony/Auction Day: Let me start out with a big WHEW!-Am I glad that day is in the can.

I started out with Mitzvah Day activities. My 1st grade Sunday School class collected stuffed animals for policemen to give to children in crisis. We also made a thank you card and decorated cookies for the policemen. Don't tell anyone but I am pretty sure the kids got to eat/sneak a few cookies. This was I blast! I hope to do it again next year.
At mid-day we made it/rushed to the JCC to see Bailey receive an award for a Purim Mask Making Contest. She won 4th Place in her division. Go B!
After a quick but much needed break we came back to the J for the school's auction. I placed bids on a few items but was out-bid every time =( I am much better at eBay auctions =)

Now here I am today trying to get work done but for some reason I am WORN OUT!

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