Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Where is My Construction Hat?

Some of you may know, the building my office is in has been under construction with me inside trying to work. (I am on the 3rd floor.) At first I was told the construction/designs would not affect my office. Wow! Have things changed!
As I approached my office, Monday morning, with my key in hand I realized I wouldn't need my key. My door to my office was gone. To be more specific the walls to my office were incognito also. Later I found my door leaning against a wall of some other tenant's office. I was left with two walls: one looking outside and another separating me from my supervisors. Some may think "big deal, you have a semi-cubicle." Not so much. Wires were hanging from the ceiling. There is sheet rock dust everywhere. I no longer had a light switch but lucky for me my lights were magically still on. The worst part in all was that the wall separating me from "the loud guy" next door was also missing. Oh no, was I doomed to listening to a days worth of High School football information....THIS LOUD? Thanks to a few very kind construction workers I now have one layer sheet rock walls separating me from the loud guy. I can still hear EVERY word he says but at least I have some sense of privacy.
Today I have my long lost door back and hopefully by the end of the week I will have a light switch and my last wall in place.

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Jen said...

Yay, you got it set up!! I added you to my Reader already. :)

That's too funny about the missing door. You crack me up.