Thursday, April 24, 2008

Not Feeling Like a Ninja Today

Yeah, I know I am supposed to come up with something yet it is not happening. Today my brain feels like scrambled eggs & matzah = confused & gross. The reason.....Allergies!

Anyone who suffers from allergies gets me on this one. The pollen count here is so high that I am reduced to an all out mess in Kally form. This means absolutely no effort for make-up, hair-fixing or great attention to clothes. I am certain if a picture was taken of me that it would have that black strip across my eyes and land me right in the middle of the DON'T section of the last page of my favorite magazine.

*Left field thought of the day: I have been thinking about up coming summer weather and attire and wishing I had a tan. -Normally I am 1 of 2 shades: Linen White or Lobster Red.


Unknown said...

They have this cool new way of getting a tan. You use this thing called the Sun. I know, sounds crazy right. I hear this is really catching on. You should totally check it out. ;)

Eggo said...

Lobster isn't kosher anyway.

What's your ninja name by the way? J

Jen said...

Oh crap! Your secret's out! LOL