Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Construction, Moving and More

The construction continues. I had to scramble on Friday to pack and move everything from my office to a storage room by 12:30pm. I was told my office would be finished over the weekend and ready for me to move back in this last Monday. To make things short, not much finishing was done over the weekend. Monday everything in my office was in the same shape I left it Friday. What work was I going to be able to do with everything packed away? Better yet, where was I to work? I couldn't work in the empty office. After the leasing company suggested I work in the jam packed storage room, my supervisor finally laid the smack down. Wooooohoooo! By the end of the day on Monday the leasing company found an empty office for me to use for the remainder of the time it takes to "finish" my office.

I am happy to report I have my computer, printer, fax machine and copier cleaned of sheet rock dust and set up in my temporary office. ......I just found out I will have to pack everything back up and move it back to my permanent office Friday morning. Ugh!!!!!!

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