Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Weekend of Webkinz, Pizza & Wiis

As most moms know this last weekend was the Webkinz Extravaganza and of course we had to go to our local Webkinz retailer. My main goal was to get B clothes & bows but her goal was to score Webkinz and well she did. We left the store toting 3 new Webkinz and a super cute leopard print carrier. B now has a grand total of 9 webkinz. Wow! It looks like a webkinz invasion on her bed.

Then it was on to the tastiest part of the weekend. Let My People Eat….. Chametz. It was officially the end of Passover and at sundown we met the Jacobs family at Savastanos to for the BEST Chicago deep-dish pizza in the world! (or the best in my neck of the woods) -This pizza is cheese-a-riffic! It also adds a little junk to the trunk so I will be putting in some over-time on the treadmill to make up for it.

Sunday evening we hung out with the Zelkinds for more pizza (New York style this time). They just purchased 2 new Wiis and while C was fixing their computer B and I played games on the Wii. (C & Mr.Dr. Z came to play with us to break from the computer repairs.) Let me just say, I am hooked! I want one sooooo bad. I played the tennis, boxing & bowling games. Tennis was kinda fun and the boxing game will give you a major workout but for me the bowling was like game system crack. I totally rocked at it also. On my first game, I bowled 163!!! Can I get a woohoo?!?! Oh yeah, and I have to brag, C only bowled a 133 on his first game. So Score for team Kally!

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