Sunday, September 28, 2008

Early Morning

Hmmm....what to do when you can't sleep and there is nothing on television? Well blog, of course. Here are a couple of bits and pieces about what's going on in the Kally Casa lately.

I have had a chest cold the past few days so in between sleeping, coughing and taking meds I have been watching so much TV I think my mind is turning to mush. After a couple of hours of channel surfing, I realized I have lost Bravo. The comcast package we have doesn't appear to include it. I am going into withdrawals without my Project Runway!!! I have tried other substitutes: I caught up on all of the Charmed episodes I ever wanted to see and some I didn't. I keep finding myself clicking over to E! as a default when nothing else appeals.

We made a mandatory trip to Tar-jay today for magic pants, Miss B's Halloween costume (HSM Sharpay, including the funniest accessory...a microphone headset), shabby chic shower hooks for my bathroom (I let Miss B pick them out.), and some groceries we needed. While at Target I spotted a lady that looked like Granny (Mr C's grandmother) and I pointed her out to Miss B.
Kally: Hey B look! Doesn't that lady look EXACTLY like Granny?
Miss B: No, that lady has better fashion sense than Granny. You do know, that is why Granny keeps me around, I have the fashion sense and I help Granny when she shops.

This girl always cracks me up.

Here are the shower hooks Miss B picked out. Funny, huh?

**I just watched the funniest infomercial for a product called Smooth Away, a hair removal product. I swear the thing looks like sandpaper attached to a pink handle. What the heck? Who uses sandpaper to shave their legs? Next thing you know we are going to be using a cheese grater on our feet for calluses. Oh, too late. Next up, a commercial for the pedi-egg.


Meaghan said...

As a person who was forced to watch tons of tv I now can't find anything I haven't seen! So here is another suggestion. Watch tv online. There are so many cool extra clips, shows Have you ever watched in the motherhood? If not you have to its too funny:

I found this after one of my surgeries and had to stop watching it because it made me laugh so hard it hurt!

Let me know if you like it


Lorie said...

Cute shower rings!!

I love some of the crazy stuff you can see on TV in the middle of the night.

But I will have to say that the PedEgg is one of the best things EVER!!! I wear sandals/flip flops all summer long in AZ and it doesn't matter how often I try to pumice stone my feet to death, they were still yucky! And I don't have the money to get a pedicure twice a week!

I use that thing on my feet once a week and they look like NORMAL feet! Don't knock the cheese grater until you have tried it!! ;D

Aunt Julie said...

I have a DOUBLE sleeping problem. I get into bed with all these bloggy ideas running around my head. Then, I can't sleep 'cause I'm thinking too much! Then, I get up 'cause I can't sleep, and start blogging again! Do you think I'm addicted? Is there a cure? BTW, Uncle Lynn answers your questions today over at my place in celebration of my Sweet Centennial. Please stop on by!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

That's hilarious!!Tell Miss B that Lorelai has a granny with an impaired sense of style also.

Pennies In My Pocket said...

Thanks so much for stoppin' by today! Hope you'll be back! :-)

I love this post...LOVE those shower rings, too! Tar-jay rules. Seriously, love the shower rings...trying to think if they'd go in my daughter's bathroom. lol

So sorry about your chest cold...that stinks! My baby and I were sick a little while ago and were just miserable! Hope you get better SOON!


Eggo said...

Miss you soooo much! Leave it to B to add a little bling to the bathroom. Shanah Tovah!