Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Mr C

I can't believe it in all of the rush going on I forgot this morning that today is his birthday. I remembered when writing down the date for something work-related. As soon as I caught my mistake I marched myself down to his office to wish him a happy birthday. I tried acting cool about it but I was BUSTED! It must have been when I mentioned going to Ikea tonight and he told me "no" and I asked "why not?" Oops!

Mr C:
In all sincerity, I would like to wish you the happiest of days today and everyday. The world (especially my world) would not be the same without you. Every time I look at you I am reminded of how special you are and how lucky I am to have you in my life.

Happy Birthday! May we enjoy another eventful year together...even if sometimes it feels like 10 years!



Belle said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. C...

angie said...

Happy Birthday Mr. C. I hope you found something great to do tonight....instead of IKEA. :)