Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thanks and More

Just a quick Thank You to all of my Bloggy Friends and my friends from back home for being so supportive and helpful during this move we have made. Although Miss B has adjusted fairly well and Mr C is pretty much on his way to adjustment, I have had a rough go of it all. Portland just doesn't feel like home since I feel lost about 98.9% of the time here. I keep looking around for something familiar, something that might remind me of home when one night we drove past a Papa John's and I had such a silly rush of familiarity that I almost cried. Kind of silly now that I think about it but then again maybe not.

So for all of my friends that have called, emailed, and commented, Thank you, your thoughts and voices really help. I would feel 100% lost without you.

***How funny are all the copyright words running through the piece of clipart I chose to represent my post?***

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Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Hang in there Kally...Like I said before, I've lived within 90 miles of the place I was born for my entire life so I can't know exactly what you're feeling. But this I do know...I'd feel the same way.