Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Way to Shop

While grabbing a bite for lunch today, I was catching up on Manic Mommies, the most wonderfully funny and real podcast in the world. It was the episode on grocery shopping and what I believe to be a mythical place called Stop & Shop. The grocery store seems to good to be true. You come in and get your little scanning gun, just like the ones you use when registering for weddings or babies, and scan your grocery gak as you go. Then you can bag it after scanning it, right in your cart. I am clueless as to how or when you pay for said stuff already bagged to go but I think this is a FANTASTIC concept and I wish I had a Stop & Shop near me. No more waiting an the painfully long lines. No more food defrosting while waiting in these lines. No more trying to keep the kiddos occupied while you wait. I love it. Stop & Shop please come to Portland.

If anyone has been to or lives near one of these magical stores please tell me what you think of the place.

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