Friday, September 19, 2008

A Joyous Occasion

Oh happy day!! It really looks like the Kally Casa might get Internetz today!!! So sad that we are the last of the group to get it and Mr C is the IT Guy. How in the world did we manage to stay out of the loop and not hear of "the guy" from Comcast who is stinking awesome and will come out next day??? Soon I will be able to post more than just the quickies I type up during a break at work and pictures, yes pictures will definitely be a possibility in the very near future. Please Comcast Guy get here soon!!!

***Swap Stuff***On another note, I am participating in the "Wicked" swap from The Pink Clutch and all I have to do is wrap and label the goodies! I am supposed to have things sent out by the 30th but as always my slacker hiney is getting very close to the deadline and I have yet to find out where the nearest Post Office is. Yikes! To my swap-mate Diary of a Skinny Fat Chick: the beautiful wrapping will not be my doing. Mr C is the wrap-tastic one in the Kally family. One can always tell my wrapping by the massive amounts of tape and large crumpling of paper at each end.

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skinny fat chick said...

I am excited! I have ALMOST everything ready to go, but I need to wrap and send!