Saturday, September 6, 2008

Something Real Soon

We are still on the Oregon Trail we have made it to OR after some very interesting nights in Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho. I think we might might crash someone's cattle pasture tonight. Tomorrow we will make it to Portland by afternoon and as soon as I have a real Internet connection (I am borrowing someone's EVDO card right now to let you know I haven't been eaten by mountain lions or mauled by a bear.) I will post pics and full retelling of the Trail. I can't wait to take a real shower! Camp showers don't even compare. Must go! Love, Love, LOVE to all!


Anonymous said...

Muah! I hope you arriving just now in Portland! and get that much anticipated shower! I miss you tons!

I lurve you! Give my doll baby lots of kisses from us! Tell Mr. C we say hello!

and, omg! Remember our science teacher? Ercan Kadakal? He asked me to be his friend on Facebook!

can't wait to hear your stories of life on the Oregon Trail!


pixie said...

Hey! I'M in Portland! See? Can you see me waving at you? Welcome to our fair city!