Monday, September 8, 2008

The Oregon Trail (Highlights)

I typed this on the first day of the Trail. Still no internet connection at the Kally casa yet. This will be fixed soon according to Mr C. Until then enjoy my 1st day of the Trail...

Sept. 3 (Day 1) Typed @ 7pm: We are on the trail! Somewhere in Kansas, I think. We are supposed to get to Colorado by the evening. Crazy that here we are, Computer Co and I don't have a wireless connection to post something. Something has to be done about that IT Guy :) he is slacking off. I have slept almost the whole day. I don't know why but something about a moving vehicle always puts me to sleep.

When Miss B decided she was finished napping and wanted to get the Nintendo DS to pass time I didn't worry. Then the RV turned this giant curve and I heard this whoosh, thump, THUMP, OWWwwww! It was Miss B. As she was walking past the sink the RV hit that curve and she flew across the RV, down the stairs and banged into the door. Once I made sure she wasn't injured, I totally lost it. I was laughing so hard I was crying. This girl is an accident looking to happen (one day if you remind me I will tell you about her run-in with my treadmill).

Nothing much has been going on. Most of us are either on our laptops or sleeping. I will try to let you know if something exciting happens.

Always :)

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TD said...

That's hilarious! Luckily you could keep a straight face to make sure she was ok before cracking up.

Love the "Oregon Trail" naming by the way... who doesn't get nostalgic about that old game?