Monday, December 29, 2008

Back From the Snow Break

So, I slacked off once again. I was snowed in last week and since I was so bummed out from Snowmageddon I opted not to post anything. Who wants to hear: It is snowing again *&%$^@!!!!! ? Seriously, that is exactly what I was yelling every time I looked out the window. Two weeks of snow can really wear one out. instead of going into all the gory details of all the snow we got (I don't know it was a LOT -came up to my knees), how crazy I felt from being trapped in my house for so long (pretty darn crazy- I was locked up for 5 days), and how I even began to miss working in the office (you start to get desperate after awhile)...I will share some pics I took during the white out.
So much Snow!

This is how people got around unless they had a ginormous truck to off-road in.

The reason this one appears so blurred is because of the massive amount of snow falling at the time. The flakes were so tiny and so many!

This is one of my faves. Don't know why. I just like it.

**I was taking the pic above when I really should have taken pics of all the fools snow boarding down the hill past my house. It was too funny to watch all those people fall on their butts.**

Miss B decided to make some use of the snow and worked with the Mr on this year's snow sculpture.....


I can't wait to see what they come up with next.


Me in Memphis said...

Love the duck!!! I miss the snow :(

joanofalltrades said...

Hi, visiting form SITS...Love your blog title! I just move to GA from MD and I don't miss the snow one bit. Hope you get out of the snow soon! Happy New Year's Eve!