Thursday, December 11, 2008

Starbucks I am Not

Wow! Another post. No. Not really, just a couple of quick thoughts and that's all.

  • I was thinking about celebrities vs normal peeps as I drank my crappy coffee this morning. I had to get my morning dose of celebrity gossip. Today it was provided by MSN - Hot Gossip and I began to think..... Thank god NORMAL people like me are not stalked by the likes of paparazzi. Imagine what it would do to your self esteem to have a bad bloat day or gain a couple of pounds and have the world claim you are preggers. I thought I was going to die of depression over the summer when I had put on some extra weight and my parents accused me of being with child. I told the truth and denied the awful assumption of theirs while they continued with their winks & nudges. How embarrassing it must be to have your "fat day pics" posted all over mags & tabs across the world. Don't get me wrong I LOVE reading that stuff while waiting in the grocery line as much as the next mom but after pondering that kind of existence I am glad I am a nobody.

  • In regards to the aforementioned crappy coffee I have learned...I really do NOT like coffee maker coffee! With the limited resources available here @ work, I have been nursing a half full styrofoam cup of black coffee with only one tsp of sugar. Blech! If it was not for the caffeine boost I will get I would dump that junk. It tastes like dirt! You can bet the next time I am desperate for a caffeinated jump start I will suck it up and make the stroll to the nearest Starbucks for some calorie laden but oh so yummy frou frou coffee :) with whipped cream & sprinkles :)

Well Holy Cow this actually turned out to be a post after all.

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Belle (from Life of a...) said...

They make the same dirt flavored coffee in our office workroom. I just CANNOT abide it!