Friday, December 12, 2008


Every time I check my email I have had at least 3 to 7 warning of the impending snow we will get here. Well according to the weathermen we should be getting snow. I DON'T believe it. Being from OKlahoma and enduring many a winter always including snow and ice - I've even made through a couple of icestorms in my lifetime.- I know the kind of weather in which to expect snow. Portland will not get any this weekend (this is my prediction). In the chance that I am wrong and snow does fall, there is NO possible way it can stick to the streets. Our temps have been too high to lower the ground temperature enough to the point for snow to stick to the streets. The kiddos might get lucky and have some stick to the ground/yard but I kinda doubt it. As I said before it really does not matter if it is cold enough outside to snow but whether the ground is cold enough for any snowfall to stick. So to all of you locals that check out the blog take a deep breath and put AWAY those tires with studs on them and stop freakin' out. Drive slowly if the snow does fall and if you are worried about sliding around on the roads, weight your car down by putting heavy stuff in the trunk (like firewood). This too shall pass.

Have a great weekend y'all.

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