Thursday, December 11, 2008

Neglect - No pics

I guess I have been neglecting my duties as a good picture taking mom lately. I glanced through the pics and the most recent pictures I have taken are the ones from the pow wow night which is a story in itself. I was thinking about posting a couple from that night but then thought ...Naw, it feels outdated. After all, that was Thanksgiving weekend which seems forever ago. How do you fantastic picture takin' peeps keep up with your camera duties? I tried carrying it with me in my purse so I would remember to take a pic every now and then but it seems to get eaten by the black hole in my purse. By the time I dig it out the moment has passed and taking a pic feels so staged. Do I need to wear it around my neck and play like I am a real photographer?


Crystal Rae said...

I just try and keep it out by me, but working at a daycare, I can do that. And it's easier access for me. Sometimes I do miss those moments, but you'll have others, LOL.

Jen said...

I keep my point-and-shoot camera in the same side pocket of my diaper bag and put it in my camera when we're on playdates, so I'm always ready to go. But I'm weird. ;)