Monday, December 8, 2008

New Tricks

Learning html

My latest adventure? I am trying to learn html. I can't let the Mr be the ONLY tech savy person in the Kally Casa. So far I am just kind of learning the tags and what they do but I am hoping that within a couple months I won't have to reference my cheat-sheet note cards as much.

  • I used some of the tags I am learning in the piece above. Go me!

  • Then I cheated and decided to change the color of the sub-head I created :)

  • How many of you know html? or Are you interested in learning some?


    georgie said...

    i am self taught...and blogger makes useing HTML so easy...i am by no means a pro...but I do have a few different types of tutorials on my blog if you wanna check the label cloud

    Jen said...

    Mike taught me enough to make most of our website: I haven't done much with it since starting the blog but can always use the templates to make new pages. :)

    Deborah דְּבוֹרָה said...

    I used to know a LOT more back when I was keeping up little M's blog for the family, because WE designed and hosted it and everything.

    I still know some, and can figure my way through pre-made codes easily enough if I want to edit stuff, though I don't mess with like columns and sizes...

    but with type and what not, or hotlinking, I know those codes....

    I've got this picture I can't seem to figure out the proper code (guess I don't know my code THAT well after all, eh?)

    haha, I just tried to explain the image, but it itself contains a FAKE code and Blogger wouldn't let me even type it out! bahahahaah!

    go to my page now and I'll have it posted, it's funny :)