Thursday, February 26, 2009

AI Addict Update

Last night ScrappyGirl came over for some American Idol & Chinese food. I was so excited to see & listen to this next round of contestants but was left wanting...wishing...hoping that this episode would just be over with. I'm tellin' you. These people were Bor-Ing! It was a complete snore-fest with the exception of the fabulous Mistah Norman Gentle. Seriously, that guy cracks me up!!! I thought I was going to bust a gut laughing while watching him tenderly caress the Idol sign/logo. Although his singing was not the best, I found his wacky performance to be the most entertaining of the night.

Those with singing skills:

Admission: I had to look up these peeps names because in my mind they have different names but goes to show you that I found almost everyone else forgettable enough to not even remember their real names.

Allison Iraheta (Kool-Aid hair): Her version of Heart's "Alone" was good although I felt it was a tad shouty (as Simon would say) at times.

Adam Lambert (Jo-Bro Wannabe in sight not sound): So was anyone else slightly distracted by his uncanny resemblance to the Jo-Bros? Maybe it was the flat ironed hair or the skinny jeans? I was so glad not to hear a Disney Pop song but instead something with sustenance. His rendition of "Satisfaction" rocked. I didn't love him but I think I could like him so long as he loses the skinny jeans.

Those that made me say WHAT?!

I am NOT looking up these peoples names.

Leggy: How did this girl make it through?! No background story and no great talent. Must have been because of the judges love for her legs? (Am I the only one bothered by the some-what pervy Chester-the-Molester-ish smile that Simon displays any & every time a pretty, young girl who is willing to dress skimpily/skeezy gets on stage?)

Tattoo Girl: Her singing was good but her clothes earned an her an F. What was up with that little girl Easter dress and ballet flats she was wearing? I am sorry but in my world that dress and a sleeve tattoo do NOT go together. Her Tourette's like twitches made her performance even more wrong/strange.

Judging the Judges
Paula: Love that she is being more critical of performances and not just loving everyone. (Did anyone else notice that Miss Paula seemed a little more Boobtastic than normal? ScrappyGirl thinks it was because of her weird hair-do.)

Randy: Not much to judge because it seemed like the other judges didn't let him speak too much.

Kara: I am starting to get sick of this girl. She acts as if she has been along for the ride all however many seasons and makes too many personal jokes that sound wrong coming from a newbie judge.

Simon: He was Simon. He hated almost everyone. No surprises here.

What did you think of last night's show?


Something In The Glass said...

I saw bits and pieces of it last night. I actually enjoyed Jo-Bro wannabe. I'm not a Stones fan, but really liked his performance. As for everyone else...bleh.

Something In The Glass said...

Sorry to comment again, but I just read the comment that you left for me and had to tell you...that made me laugh-out-freaking-loud. AI hangover.... Frigging hilarious. I'm with you on that!!! I'm sitting here dying of thirst, got a headache and am soooooo tired. Must be the Idol.

Lisa said...

"Did anyone else notice that Miss Paula seemed a little more Boobtastic than normal?" This made me LOL because I had the same thoughts last night. :) I agree about Kara, too.
And wow, I thought last night's show was just awful. One of the worst I've ever seen.

Susie said...

I don't watch American Idol so I can not comment on that but I did want to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet comments. I hope to see you back there soon:-)