Friday, February 6, 2009

Life by Points

Went to a performance about Lewis & Clark by Miss B's 4th grade class. The kiddos were all so cute and I took tons of pics. Then my camera battery died. -1 for failure to charge battery. This means you have to wait for pics...sorry :(

Running, running, running has been my thing lately. As soon as I get home I make sure everyone is set for food (ie: Have the Mr cook, usually hot dogs), then I head downstairs to the treadmill and try to run my bum off. I have been pretty consistent with it too soooooo +1 for sticking with it, +1 more for losing weight. Yay! Oh wait, I am way behind in the reading part of the plan so -1 for not exercising my brain as well. (boy this stuff is hard to balance)

I finally have the laundry monster under control and cornered into it's basket. +1 for clean clothes.....Dang! -1 for not vacuuming (Hey, it's give and take in the Kally house.)

I was so happy for B when she was finished with all of her school projects. +1 for helping with homework .....Last night I realized I had been duped. The girl was leaving the other half of a project at school to give the appearance of completion. -1 for being a not so wonder mom and missing this. (Maybe I can earn that point back this weekend if the project is completed by Saturday night?)

So let's see that brings me to: -1, +1, +1, -1, +1, -1, +1, -1......and I am currently at...drum roll please.......... 0, zippo, nada! Oh well. I can only strive to do better.

Here's hoping we all have a + point weekend :)


A.D. said...

No one's perfect. At least you aren't in the negatives!!! Have a good weekend!

Deborah דְּבוֹרָה said...

looks to me like you broke even, not bad.

Something In The Glass said...

Love the point system. :o)

I'd like to give you 30 points for being fun and witty. Is that allowed?

Veggie Mom said...

Think you might be related to my Hubz. Anytime I send him somewhere important with a videocamera, he turns it on when it should be off and off when it should be on. We have tons of footage of his shoes! PS: I'm having another Pop'rs Giveaway, and I'll bet you want to enter, right?