Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Give Away

Go check out Katy's site and leave her a comment to win one of these lovelies!!!

The items pictured above are two Scentsy Warmers and the Scentsy Bars. If you are the winner you may choose between the Milano Warmer (cream colored one) or the Bombay Warmer (the blue one). If you are the winner you may also choose 3 Scentsy Bars (pic below). **Katy also says if she gets more than 100 comments she will give something else away from the Scentsy Line (for a 2nd winner)!!!

Get your hineys in gear and head over to Katy's and leave her a comment!!! (Her contest ends Friday at Midnight. You could be a winner :)

1 comment:

Veggie Mom said...

These are just lovely...great giveaway!